A peek inside: Part II

Here are some more šŸ™‚ I have only a couple left! Taking more until this weekend for the last post! Ask me here.

Sarah asked to see my favorite makeup item:

I’ve used bareMinerals foundation since I was like, 17! I can’t do the liquid stuff, so this is fantastic for me – love! Tip: buy on Ebay and you’ll save around $5-8!

She also asked to see my favorite pair of shoes:

Currently my favorites, sorry they are just a tad dirty šŸ˜”

And my favorite coffee mug:

For one, it is gigantic (like 3 cups of coffee in one!). It was gifted to me by Steph Corwin for my birthday a few years ago. It came delivered with flowers in it šŸ™‚

Susan asked to get a sneak peak of a wedding item:

It’s no secret that I have been looking for some yellow shoes. I’ve planned on ordering a few different pairs and seeing what I end up liking the best šŸ™‚
Morgan asked to see my craft room. She noted that I am organized… 

NOT! My craft room hasn’t been organized for months. When we redid our guest room, all of the crap lying around in there got shoved into my craft room, so I have hardly any room! I keep the door closed.

5 responses to “A peek inside: Part II

  1. Hahaha, now that's more like it! I'm so relieved to see that your craft room isn't perfect because that makes my little junk pile seem a little more acceptable in my eyes, lol. LOVE THE SHOESSSSSSSSSSSSS!

  2. Oooh those shoes are so adorable!

  3. I love your fave shoes!

  4. I love that first pair of shoes! Too cute.

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