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Year One.

Sunday Chris and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary! Ok…so we didn’t really “celebrate” just yet, since we spent most of the day traveling back home from Michigan.  We did get fro-yo though!

So yay, one year!  I pretty much already know I have the most amazing husband, and am so glad I married my best friend.  We love being around each other and partaking in one another’s hobbies and interests. Le sigh.   We really did have such a fun wedding day, I always say that I want another one.  It was so much fun doing all of the DIY stuff, and having everything that was “us”. And a big party celebrating with all of your friends and family? Yes please.  Our family is pretty awesome, too 🙂

This is a video I made last year with some of our wedding tunes and photos.


Quarter Century

No it’s not my 25th birthday, yet (aghhh 2 months, yikes!). Today is my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary. It’s easy to always remember the amount of years they have been married because I was born the same year 🙂 When my mom was 7 months pregnant with me (at 24 years old, actually!), my parents got married.

I know a lot of people think they have the greatest parents in the world, and there are a lot of people who don’t have the best relationships with theirs, but I really think my parents are amazing!


Some tidbits about my parents:

  • They have always been super encouraging of anything we wanted to try out. My sister and I were involved in so many different sports and activities when we were younger. Between me and my sister (off the top of my head) we did ballet, jazz & tap dance, baton twirling (lol), soccer, softball, swimming, synchronized swimming, sewing, horseback riding, misc. church activities, girl scouts, piano lessons, drum lessons, and probably other random classes I can’t think of.

  • Family was always #1. My dad was telling me & Chris about all his various work-ventures throughout his life the other day, and numerous times mentioned how my mom would always encourage him to go for it. All he wanted to do was provide for a family and give us a good life. Even though there were some hard times, we always had a nice house and everything we needed.
  • My mom is a talker. She is also a therapist. When you meet her she will expect your life story and ask 80 questions. Be prepared. What I did not inherit from my mom is her energy, she loooovesss hiking and goes multiple times a week. CRAZY WOMAN 🙂
  • My Dad loves text messages and writes them in email format, complete with “Dear Alyssa” and “Sincerely, Dad”. He also has this great memory that I definitely did not inherit. Whenever he hears a song from “back in the day” he can tell you the band and what year and MONTH (usually) the song came out, what he was doing at that time, and random facts about the band.
  • They live less than 2 miles away from us and I normally at least text one of them every day. When my Mom hasn’t seen me in a few days she texts me that she misses me 🙂 Love it. Probably one of the big reasons I haven’t moved away is because I would die if they lived far away. It would be sad times (hence, Operation: Move Entire Family to Washington).

Okay I think that’s enough blabbering for now. Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!