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just call me the crazy cat lady

A few weeks ago I came across a cardboard cat teepee on Pinterest (via Michelle).

Yeah, how amazing is that? RIGHT? I made a few clicks and found myself of the company’s website.  Loyal Luxe makes some pretty rad pet products (just a few at the moment). I would probably buy them all, because I’m obsessed with my “children.”  Not only did that have that cute teepee, but even better, they had a CAT CABIN. Yes. Don’t be jealous. Within a few hours that baby was purchased for my cat (Garbage) and I’ve been anxiously awaiting it’s arrival from good ol Canada.

Uhrm, ignore the doggie hair all over the floor. Whoops.

I was kind of scared his fat butt wouldn’t fit in there, but it did! Hah.  Chris did an awesome job quickly putting it together.  It came with a few different things you can hang on the front including the faux antlers as shown, a fish and some other items.  Oh and a little cardboard ball you slip together and hang on the inside for your kitty’s playing pleasure.

Oh, PS. I thought it was hilarious the company had this photo on their website because my cat ALWAYS tries to squeeze in any tiny empty box he can find.


Litter box woes

Just a forewarning, this post has to do with poop. And cats.

Moving right along.
I have always had a cat, ever since I was young. At home, as far as I can remember, our cats were always indoor/outdoor cats, so I don’t really recall having a litter box – they’d just do their duty outside. Well, I don’t really love the idea of my cats living outdoors in our busy neighboorhood with crazy people driving around all fast and not paying attention, thus smooshing my not-so-street-smart cats at any moment. So we definitely have to deal with “litterbox woes”. I call it that because the litter box is the most annoying thing of all times. The smell, the size, the ugliness, the inconvenience, cleaning it, the litter mess..it’s all bad.
A few years ago, when we lived in our apartment I bought one of those litter box “hider” things. You know, like this. Well that was all alright, but cleaning the box was even more inconvenient and since all you could do was put a tray in there, litter got EVERYWHERE. I blame the male cat. And honestly, who has time & remembers to clean the box every. day. Not me. Sorry kittehs.
I am pretty sure this is how my cats have felt about their litter box:

But not anymore! I kid you not. I have found the Best Litter Box of All Time. And it’s not one of those fancy pants expensive, self cleaning boxes either, though I think it is equally as awesome. After some extensive litter box research (I know, I know, this is all very exciting), I think I have brought some sunshine into the litter box woes.

Here it is in all of it’s kitty poop glory:

Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Some things I am a fan of:

  • It’s great for multiple cats/large cats (I have both!).
  • Get yourself some clumping litter, and all you have to do do clean the box is ROLL IT OVER. Yes. You heard. You roll this littter box on it’s side and all of the clumped litter/kitteh poo get’s sifted into the tray. And the tray? You can see it in the picture, you just pull it out and dump it in the trash. Heaven. There’s a video demo on Amazon.
  • It’s enclosed so keeps any smell inside.
  • I have noticed less litter getting tracked out of the box.
  • It’s not ugly.
  • The price! Most self-cleaning boxes are hundreds of dollars!!

I think we definitely have happy cats!

Do yourself and buy this box, it’s fantastic and a great deal! Yay!