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I took this last Friday off for an extra long weekend, because we had a few friends staying with us. Here are some snippets of my weekend – cell phone picture version 🙂 

A drive from Bakersfield to LA.

I was determined to find a good eatery in LA that had been feaured on Diners, Drive-ins & Dives. I made a list of all the places in LA, and we ended up at Oinkster. We also happend to see a famous person! Zach del la Rocha from Rage Against the Machine was eating solo and having a heated conversation on his cell phone, hah. (Ok, so I definitely wouldn’t have known who it was if it wasn’t for someone else who pointed him out, shh).

I had the Oinkster Pastrami and it was FAB. Note to self, order plaintains instead of fries next time (I tried a friend’s an they were AMAZING).

We ended Friday evening walking around Hollywood & Highland Ave.
We stayed the night in LA, then had a gigantic breakfast Saturday morning, followed by a pitstop at Ikea on the way back home.


The rest of the weekend was spent doing random things and thrifting 🙂


This caught my eye in a local antique store because Jimaie had just purchased something similar. I may or may not have picked it up for her to match 🙂
I didn’t buy this bitty-squirrel-on-a-nut but I thought it was hilar!

We also went to see peacocks at a local park, and I finally got a good picture of an albino peacock! We lured her in with french fries 🙂

My friend Mallory and I.

I hope you had a lovely weekend!! I promise to post more soon, including our guest room makeover 😀 yay!

Day Trip

This is for my LA area friends and/or people that have been to LA and can give me some suggestions. I am headed over to LA for the day (tomorrow) with a few friends fom the SF area. While we have a few must-see things on our list to do, I was wondering if you all have some must-stop eateries for us to go to. Because food is obviously the most important part of any trip. OBVIOUSLY!

So please, give me some ideas! I am most likely looking for cheapish places, and definitely places that are only in LA.

Annnddd, GO! Thank you so much 🙂