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Soo, this weekend I made a semi-spontaneous purchase:

It’s delicious.  I’ve wanted a tablet for a while now, mainly because I am constantly printing out recipes and I waste so much ink and paper doing that, and this is SO much more convenient and helpful as well.  Also, we don’t have a laptop and am lazy and like to lay on the couch while perusing the Internet. Shhh.

Anyways, I need some sort of case and I was looking for just a simple skin..BUT THEN, I remember my long lost friend known as Etsy.  I’ve been cheating on Etsy with Pinterest for a long time now, and rarely give any attention to Etsy unless I am linked there. I’m so sorry Etsy.

Now that I’ve rekindled my love for Etsy, I thought I’d share a few tablet covers that I am currently drooling over. Most of them are a wee bit too expensive. Maybe I’ll end up making one. Maybe (probably) not.

Those are my favorites.  The first one is probably what I would buy if I had that much to throw away on a cover for an electronic device (totally not high on my priority list).

Do any of you have a tablet? Is a case necessary?


Wedding Wednesday (Er, Thursday)

Sorry I am a day long on my Wedding Wednesday post, I didn’t have very much energy last night left to throw something together! Luckily, I got a bit of inspiration when a friend of mine (whom I’m helping planning wedding decor for) told me she hadn’t really found any wedding invitations yet because the cutest ones were way too pricey.

I was thinking: I hear ya girl! I think I had 75 wedding invitations made and spent almost $300 on them. When you’re on a budget (or just like to be as cheap as possible, like me!) you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a piece of paper that most of your guests will throw away in a month or two. But, you still want them to be cute and something you love as well.

One thing I found a little late in my wedding planning stage, was that some Etsy sellers offer DIY printable wedding invitations. Meaning, you are buying a PDF of your invitations and printing them out yourself.  This could save you a TON of money.  I found a bunch of cute options last night and they range for $25-$100 for the design.

{Click images to head to the Etsy shops}

Wedding Love: Wood

I have been adoring anything wedding that has to do with tree carvings. If you got one of our invitations you know what I’m talkin’ bout! I came across a few Etsy shops that I’d probably buy everything from if I were rich. Here are some of my favorites:

{click to enlarge}


1. I have loved the stuff from Block Party Press’ shop for a while, but the Wood You Love Me Necklace is catching my eye at the moment. You can get it personalized with you and your other half’s initials and wedding date on the back side! Too cute. They also have matching cufflinks in the shop to match.
2. Blue Fabric Birds with Love Heart: I’m not sure if there is any cake topper more sweet than these two fabric birds. It’s a little pricey at$93, I think I may try to make my own. I just love them too much!
3. I came across Rock Candy Vintage’s shop a few days ago and I could literally purchase about 10 different items for our wedding. This Personalized Frame is a little “differen’t” and I think it would be super cute at your wedding, and then used for decor at your home!
4. Another cake topper that I just adore, Love Birds with Tree and Nest. They are completely custom, and yet another thing you can use for decor/memorbilia in your home 🙂
5. How cute would these little Personalized Heart with Easels be if they were placed on all your wedding tables! Such a cute idea.
6. Wood Burned Bride & Groom Signs: I would use them for photo props and hanging in the back of our receptions chairs. I think they are super rad!
7. These teeny Personalized Birch Heart Magnets would make perfect wedding favors! Have them made with your initials and wedding date and voila!
8. I love stamps. And I really love this Tree Heart Stamp! You can use it in your wedding decor, stationary, etc. Plus, it lasts forever! 🙂
9. I love these Personalized Table Number Mason Jars as centerpieces. No seriously, I think I am going to make my own with some of those tags, so clever & rustic!
10. Wood Tree Slice Wedding Centerpiece: I also adore slices of wood as part of centerpieces. Having your initials carved into them is seriously so cute!
Hope you loved this stuff as much as I do, I wish I could have it all!! 🙂


Hello to everyone stopping by from Freckled Nest, Leigh-Ann is super awesome and sweet! And you guys, are so lovely – thanks for all the comments thus far!

I’ll take this moment to confess, I have a bit of an online shopping problem. I buy little random things online all. the. time. Ok, maybe not THAT much…but if I haven’t received a package in the mail in a while, I get kind of sad! Here are a few things I’ve bought recently that I love: 

This super cute ruffly dress from Delias. I bought it to wear to my cousin’s bridal shower this weekend 🙂 I think it needs a cute pair of yellow shoes, don’t you?

I thought this plate thing was awesome! One, there’s deer on it! Also, Chris is from Michigan. And the color of green is actually really pretty! I haven’t found a spot for it yet (since our woodsy room is green, it really won’t go there), but I kind of think it’s awesome!


Yet another dress I just ordered from Modcloth 🙂 I think it’s so cute, I haven’t received it yet so hopefully it’s worth the money and looks good. I want to wear it to my bridal shower or maybe my cousins wedding. Hmmm…decisions, decisions!



This is actually a panel of fabric! I randomly came across it while fabric browsing, and I bought this panel and was thinking I could frame it for some wall art? I’m not sure what else I could do with it to display the whole thing, it’s kind of large.



I found a super good deal on these beautiful Craspedia that you have probablly, like me, been seeing a lot of. I have wanted to incorporate them into our wedding since yellow is one of our colors. I ordered a bunch of them as a test to see how they look, and it far exceeded my expectations so I will definitely be ordering more 🙂


Creativity itch

Sorry for the double post today! I had a little time earlier today and I updated my blog header & it’s a little less frou-frou and a little more fun 🙂



Also! I’ve been wanting to add different types of items to my Etsy shop, and I’ve finally made the time to make a few new things. I just added 3 different necklaces. More to come..sometime.. 🙂 Hope you like!



Vintage + Camping

I’ve got camping on the brain these days. Today I was looking for a few little camping supplies and started to find all kinds of goodies. If these lovely finds don’t make you want to go camping, I have no idea what will 🙂

1. 1960s-70s Floral Carafe – $18.00

11. Vintage Owl Camping Lights – $31.00 (current, Ebay)
12. Pink Enamel Saucepan – $9.00
13. 4 Vintage Camping Chairs – $19.00 (current, Ebay)
If that wasn’t enough cuteness, here’s some camping photos to make you drool. (all via weheartit)

Quick Important Update!

Hey guys! Just a couple things I wanted to update you all on. I’ve been pretty busy lately doing this and that (and by that I mean buying too many vintage deer figurines and attempting to garden in the 95-degree heat), and hopefully I’ll be able to do some more exciting blog posts in the upcoming weeks 🙂

My good friend Steph is hosting an online raffle to raise money for breast cancer research, as she is participating in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer this summer. The perks (other than donating to a good cause, of course!) are winning free, a GAP gift card and super cute accessories from a few very talented people, including a few items from my Etsy shop 🙂

Please please PLEASE go here and read her blog post and details on how you can enter to win one of the lovely prize packages, all of the stuff is super cute!!!

And in related news, I have been adding some new designs to my shop the past few weeks as I’ve had time, here are some of my new things:

I have about 5 billion others ideas for new things in the workings, so hopefully I can find some time to work on them and share with you guys 🙂

Hope all is well, have a good week! I am looking forward to a possible extra long weekend and one of my bestest friend’s weddings (yay!), as well as Father’s Day & a little family reunion, hooray!

*Ohhh, I just realized this is my 199th post…maybe I”ll have to do something exciting for my 200th! What do you think!? 🙂