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Photos 23-27

Day 23: A photo that makes you think of your childhood

The mountains!  Growing up the only places I remember going all the time were the mountains. My family was always taking trips to Mammoth, Shaver & Huntington Lake, CA.  Those were the days!

Day 24: A photo that has a color scheme

Day 25: A photo of whatever you please

Some crazy random flowery plants growing up int he mountains, amazing.

Day 26: A photo playing with shadows

Day 27: A photo using the sun as your lighting

Ugly tree in our front yard, the best I could do today, booo!


Photo 22 & Random Things

Day 22: A photo of someone you love

Well that’s just a little obvious. Chris hates me taking pictures of him.

I’ve been posting just a lot of these photos so I thought I’d talk about some other things for once in my life 🙂

  • It turned insanely hot here all of the sudden. Two weeks ago it was nice and cool, even rainy. Today it was 108 degrees when I was driving home from work at 5pm.  I think it gets worse every year, I can’t wait to move to a cooler place someday.
  • Work has been insanely busy. I’m SO looking forward to a few weekend trips coming up, some parties, my birthday, maybe a camping trip or two, and a trip to Michigan in the next couple months.
  • I need to drink my water during the day! We are eating MUCH healthier and working out, but I really don’t drink enough water. I think I get bored with the taste unless I am dying of thirst. Any tips?  Maybe those tea packets or something?
  • Aaron Brothers is having a buy-one-frame-get-one for a penny sale…which is fantastic for me. I printed out a ton of photos a few months ago and kind of forgot how expensive framing them would be so they have just been sitting in a pile for months.  So far I’ve purchased 8 frames this week!  They have a good variety of rustic-y looking frames which is right up my alley.  I’m going to put together a few picture wall collages but it’ll probably take a few weeks for me to get it all together.  Here’s one of my new favorite prints for our house that I was finally able to frame!

    I think this is our new motto 🙂 Print from atwopipeproblem 

Oh look, I’m behind again…more photos!

Life/work have been kicking my butt lately…here’s a little catch up on the last few days of photos.  I’m proud to say that most of these were actually taken on the actual right day, go me?!

Day 17: A photo with street lights.

Stoplight…streetlight, same difference right? 🙂

Day 18: A photo depicting an emotion

This is Morgan’s little baby guy Jack..he’s such a sweet little boy!

Day 19: A photo that involves landscape

This was our Father’s Day dinner view up at Kernville, CA 🙂

Day 20: A photo of whatever you please

This is the only photo I took this day, of a little kitten that was in the adoption area at Petco…my friend Danielle and I both wanted to take this little guy home so badly!

Day 21: A photo of the sunset

And oldie…but the last sunset photo I have taken, and I totally could have done it today but I forgot to look at today’s photo prompt, darn!


Photos 14-16

Day 14: A photo focusing on eyes.  Tundra’s eyes > human eyes 🙂

Day 15: A photo of whatever you please.  Blueberry muffin batter ice cream. Holy yum (also, stomach ache. worth it!!!).

Day 16: A photo experimenting with light trails.  Totally cheated on this one because I took it this weekend (no time today!). BUT STILL…only a few days ago 🙂  That’s my sista.

Day 13 & Some Cookies

Today’s photo challenge was kind of weird: A photo edit that you like.   So I interpreted as my favorite ways to edit my photos. And that would be 1) My favorite Lightroom preset, and 2) washi tape strips!  Here’s an example:

I almost always quickly edit all my photos in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (I’m no fancy pants). I have a bunch of “presets” I can use to quickly click and edit photos, but my most used/favorite edit is called “Afternoon Delight“, which adds a touch of goldenness/rustic-ness to photos, which I love. Oh and washi tape strips from Pugly Pixel are my favorite ways to add text to photos 🙂

Anyways, some other things I wanted to share….some lovely friends of mine got married this weekend, aren’t they cute? Adrien (da man) has been a friend since I was in high school, and his new wife, Jen, and I have become friends since they started dating.

I helped them with some wedding stuffs, Jen did a ton of DIY and I was happy to share ideas and thoughts. But I also helped put together a cookie bar for them. Here were the results!

Since I only have one little cake stand, I decided it would be best/cheapest to just make some more. I picked up a set of white dishes at Goodwill ($10 for maybe 18-ish plates) and some glass candlestick holders from Goodwill and the dollar store.  Glued em together and voila!  I spent less than $20 and made 3 stands with 2-3 plates on each and could have made a few more 🙂  And if you’re wondering, I made chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, and chocolate salted caramel cookies.  We also had milk at the table. Perfection!

Photos 9 through 12

I’ve been slacking at posting my last few days of photos, so here’s a little catch up!!

Day 9: Something from a distance

Day 10: A photo of whatever you please

Day 11: A black and white photo

Day 12: A photo experimenting with bokeh

I’m going to try and post more than just these daily photos this week, including a wedding we went to this weekend and some details on a cookie bar I helped put together for said wedding 🙂

Photo Day 8: Close up

I had high hopes for today’s photo but didn’t have time to take it until late tonight…bummer…horrible lighting gives you this:

On the same note, Chris took this one a few days ago, which is much cuter 🙂