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Wherein Technology Sucks

On Friday night I was catching up on my DVR’d shows that I missed during the week, when I heard a loud POP and the tv screen went out.

“Uggghhh, Chris, I’m pretty sure the TV just died”, so the hubs came over to check it out, did some research online, opened up the TV to check out the insides (he’s such a sweet and handy guy!), and after more research, he said “yeaaahh, I think we are going to just have to buy a new one”.

Of course, nobody wants to drop hundreds of bucks on a semi-novely item, so needlesstosay, we have yet to purchase a new TV.  I’m sure we’ll pick one up this weekend or something, but I don’t totally feel the need to run out right away and get one….maybe after missing a few more nights of my MANY tv shows I will change my mind.  And speaking of, I really do watch wayyyy too much tv.  So for your reading pleasure, here is my current DVR schedule!

Monday: Intervention, The Voice, How I Met Your Mother

Tuesday: Glee, Parenthood, New Girl, Teen Mom, American Idol

Wednesday: Modern Family, American Idol, Top Chef

Thursday: Parks & Rec, The Office, American Idol

Friday: Portlandia, Kitchen Nightmares

Weekends: Pretty much nothing besides a few cooking type shows.  I usually keep the tv on in the background, catch up on anything I missed during the week, or find something On Demand if I need entertainment.

Now that I type it out it doesn’t seem as back as it looks (right? Riiiiight).  We also record a few other things that we don’t really watch all the time like, Conan, The Soup, Cupcake Wars. I haz no life.


It’s been awhile

I haven’t been thrifting/antiquing since this last summer probably, it’s sad.  Last weekend Danielle and I went for just a few short hours to see if we could find some treasures.   I usually have pretty bad luck when it comes to these things; I can’t really ever find what I am looking for, and if I do, it’ll be way too expensive.

I FINALLY found a crate that wasn’t over $30.  It was half that price, and I am definitely not willing to spend more than that (Chris and I are trying to collect a bunch for some projects).  I love old wood. That’s what she said.

How adorable is this little tree? I love it so much. I spotted it sitting up high on a shelf in one both while we were eating lunch. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have seen it!

Chris and I collect brewery coasters everywhere we go, so these were a good and surprising find (around $2 for each pack!). Someday we’ll find a project for them – any ideas?

Flying By

This month is seriously flying by; I have been meaning to blog more but just haven’t found the time to sit down, download and edit photos, etc.  So I just downloaded a few photos that will give me reasons to publish a few posts this week 🙂

The weekend before last we had a birthday celebration for Chris with a bunch of friends – it was his 25th birthday and I thought since that is sort of a milestone, that it was a good reason to get everyone together.  Friends even drove from hours away! How sweet of them 🙂

I have issues with not taking  enough photos when I’m at parties and such, so I didn’t get very many but here’s some.

Handsome birthday boy – cheers!

Sarah and John!

Steph and Miss Moriah (made by Jimaie 😀 )

My sister and the husband.

We had a lot more people in the group but like I said, I sucked at taking pictures.    We met up at our favorite brewery in town (ok, the only one), Lengthwise.  And hung out for a few hours, drank beer, ate yummy food, and then ended off the night playing Just Dance on the Wii.  We are obviously super duper cool.

New Year Kicked Off Right!

Yesterday was my most wonderful husband’s 25th birthday, and we celebrated by taking an extra long weekend and heading to Vegas with some friends of ours. It was Chris and my first time going ever, so The Grangers were the perfect pair to break of our Vegas virginity seeing as they’ve been a million times and even got married there!

We walked around way too much, drank some beers, gambled a bit, and had a good time. Here’s some evidence.

Played a game on the way where we had to guess the artist and song names that came on the radio, needless to say Chris and I failed 🙂

We got back late Saturday night after a long drive and a few stops at some outlet stores 🙂  Sunday was Chris’ birthday and I woke up and made him breakfast and asked him what kind of cake he wanted. He said banana, chocolate, and caramel. This is what I came up with:

It’s Fall! (ish)

It’s finally sort of Fall.  By sort of I mean, the weather was fall-like last week, and now it’s warmed up again, but still much cooler than it was 2 weeks ago.  Better than nothing I suppose.

I think one of the reasons for my lack of blogging is because summer seriously depresses me, because it’s SO hot for so long.  It makes me grumpy, tired, and just negative all over – and you don’t want to read a bunch of grumpy posts complaining about the weather!  Especially if we aren’t getting out of town/going on many trips.

I’m pretty sure I owe any readers left a few recipes that I’ve meant to post, but just haven’t. Like those awesome gluten-free donuts and chocolate stout cupcakes (which, apparently, I thought I blogged about but I did not. Fail.). And share quite a few other epic recipes that anyone who can bake needs to try asap.

Some other tidbits to update you all on..

  • We’re headed to Michigan for 10 days on Thursday! I’m super excited – all of Chris’ family lives there and we haven’t visited in 2 years! Sad….we didn’t go last year because we got married and went on our honeymoon. Which bring me to…
  • Our anniversary! It’s coming up in the 23rd 🙂  The trip is sort of our celebration I suppose, we don’t have anything else planned than I know of.
  • Here’s some recent phone snapshots of what I’ve been up to. My camera was dead for a few weeks because I lost my charger.

Bakersfield Oktoberfest! First timers. It was pretty legit!
Decorating for Halloween in the house. Speaking of…

I’ve also been shooting zombies.

My favorite band came out with a new album. Love.

And I am going to see them in November 🙂

Made a little deer art for the wall.

ABC, 123

I stole this from Morgan, because I needed some kind of reason to blog 🙂

A. Age: 26

B. Bed size: Queen – we definitely need a larger bed, mostly because our dogs like to take up THE WHOLE THING.

C. Chore that you hate:  All…buuuut, probably cleaning the bathroom is my most hated.

D. Dogs: Yes, two. Tundra the Husky & Sadie the mini Aussie.

E. Essential start to your day: Hitting snooze. Twice.

F. Favorite color: Dark grey, mustard, purple…it kind of depends on the time of year!

G. Gold or Silver: Silver fo sho, but bronze is better than both!  I really am not a fan of gold at all.

H. Height: 5’6″

I. Instruments you play: None, but I have played the piano and drums when I was a young lady.

J. Job title: Uhm, I guess Engineer Assistant or Drafter? Basically I do everything. Oh and Cupcake Extraordinaire.

K. Kids: None, just the dogs and cat.  Which are definitely our children! For now. 😉

L. Live: The armpit of California.

M. Mother’s name: Coleen

N. Nicknames: I don’t really have one, sometimes people call me Lyss.

O. Overnight hospital stays: None! *knock on wood*

P. Pet peeves: Just one? I would say on a daily basis is rude/bad/crappy/slow drivers.

Q. Quote from a movie: I suck at remembering quotes from anything. Or remembering anything at all in general. SORRY.

R. Right or left handed: Righty.

S. Siblings: I have a sister, Kristin, who is a year and a half younger than me, but 6 inches taller!

T. (This was missing how about..) Tacos: Yes I love tacos, fish tacos are my most favorite any day of the week.

U. Underwear: Yes I wear them.

V. Vegetable you hate: GREEN BEANS. Duh, have you read my profile?  That’s the only vegetable, and probably food, I won’t eat.

W. What makes you run late: My husband? HAHA. Hmm, kind of true. Also, my procrastination skillz.

X. X-Rays you’ve had: Just teeth I believe.

Y. Yummy food that you make: Cupcakes! And basically anything I make is bound to be delicious. BAM!

Z. Zoo animal: I love them all. Especially penguins and fennec foxes!

Just Beachy

Last weekend we headed west to the coast for a little day trip.  We grabbed the dogs, a beach blanket, and some sweatshirts and hit the road mid-morning.  I did a bit of pre-planning and found some dog-friendly places, including a restaurant that provided our pups water and treats, and an off-leash beach. Perfecto.

Huuuuge sea lions basking in the sand.  It was funny, they were continuously flicking sand in the hair to cover themselves.  It was pretty cute.

Otters! They were just sun bathing/napping 🙂

The drive home, the hills looked pretty rad, and we spotted a huge heard of deer at one point, the photo above was a random deer that ran across the road.

Even thought it was SUPER nice to get away for a bit (it was 100 degrees at home and 65 at the beach!!!), it is TOUGH to take the dogs and do all the stuff in a short amount of time.  Next time we’ll stay the night and relax a bit more 😉