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Save the Date

Yesterday Chris got the mail and handed me an enveloped marked “do not bend”; an envelope in which I didn’t recognize the return address.  I opened it up and quickly realized it was from my friend Beth who is getting married in June – it was their Save the Date announcement, and it included a dvd.

I popped the dvd in my computer to see that it was a video of them, and it was SO adorable and creative that I wanted to share it.  Here is the video via made u look photography.


Dogs & Bubbles

Our dog Sadie loves bubbles (thanks to my friend Danielle for getting us to try that on her). She loves jumping in the air and chompin at them, and won’t ever stop!

Yesterday we were in Target roaming around, and in the kids’ toys section there is a whole aisle dedicated to bubbles and toys that do crazy things with bubbles.  So we ended up buying a BIG bubble blower.  I thought I’d share a video of her popping the big bubbles, ignore the mess in the background (but check out our new curtains!). Make sure to watch her jump off the couch at the end, plus a shot of Tundra 😉

A song

A little music sharing for a Monday night.  Love the music/sounds/lyrics, this song is making me smile tonight. Love me some Thrice/Dustin Kensrue!

My heart is filled with songs of forever
The city that endures when all is made new
I know I don’t belong here, I’ll never
Call this place my home, I’m just passing through


I made a little wedding video today with some of our pictures. Warning, it’s actually 12 minutes long (hah). Make sure you have your sound on 🙂


I’ll post more of my favorite pictures later!