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Yes, chocolate pairs well with wine. But it also pairs fantastically with a dark beer, or 5.

Nieces are so much fun. Especially when you can buy them sugary treats and then leave them with their momma the rest of the day 😉

I’m pretty close with one of my cousins, who is about a month younger than me, started dating her husband just days before me & Chris, got married a month before us, lives 1 mile away…and just had a sweet little baby boy!!

When I’ve been wearing my hair long for too much time, I want to chop it off. So I do.

Truffle fries from Moo Creamery are AMAZING.

Sometimes my crazy dog likes to snuggle.


My Uterus Hurts

My weekend was filled with cute little girls….you can’t tell me you don’t love photos of random little kids you don’t know! Yeah, that’s what I thought 😀

My niece is the happiest little gal ever, I adore her!

It was this little one’s first birthday, she’s my cousin’s daughter. SO CUTE. 


Sadly, it warmed up here a bit this weekend 😦 Otherwise, we got some much needed stuff done: bought out wedding bands (!) and picked out the guys’ wedding tux’s. Woot! 

Did you have a good weekend?


Birthdays & Baked Goods

Whenever we have a family or friend event to go to, I have a bad habit of volunteering myself to make dessert. Ok so it wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t always try to do something new and unusual and totally exhaust myself. (Or, the time when I baked a cake super last minute, only to have it overflow in the oven & burn to a crisp, leaving me no choice to pick up something at the store.) But it’s fun! And I love when people are impressed with whatever it is I’ve come up with.

Of course my niece’s 1st birthday party was no exception! I volunteered to do dessert right off the bat, and had planned to do rainbow cupcakes. A few days before the event, she told me there’d be 40 people coming. Yikes. So I tried my best not to procrastinate and do something fun. Even though it took forever, it was pretty simple.
The cupcakes. Ok they came out all cute and dandy & tasted delicious. But can I tell you how utterly retarded it was to find cupcake liners that weren’t white, Dora the Explorer or metallic. Such a pain. Glad to get that off my chest!
Some stats on the cupcakes: 3 boxes of white cake mix, divided into 3 bowls & colored pink, yellow & orange. Buttercream frosting from this recipe. The flower idea was stolen from Bakerella, thanks Morgan 😉
I also made a mini cake for my niece, Madelyn.
The death of said cake.
And, last minute I decided to make some red velvet cake pops. I picked up a round piece of styrofoam & fake flowers from Michaels. I cut just the flower parts off the stems and stuck them in the styrofoam & wrapped some ribbon I had around the edge. Voila! Also, if you haven’t made these yet I highly suggest it. I don’t know what is better than a mixture of red velvet cake & cream cheese frosting, for reals.



And, let me throw some more cuteness into the mix: 

Hopefully that wasn’t too much cuteness for you. She is the most adorable baby girl ever!