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Wedding Wednesday: DIY Favors

Probably not a surprise to anyone that I love anything Wedding + DIY.  A while back I posted a tutorial on making your own coffee bag wedding favors (we made them for favors at our wedding). I loved them so much.  I wish I could have done 80 different favors, there are so many great ideas out there that give your wedding a personal touch.

Here are some great ideas that are easy and super cute:

Succuelnt Favors.  How adorable are these?  There are tons of different types of succulents out there, so there’s a million different ways to make this unique to your wedding.

Smore’s Packages.  These are pretty much perfect for an outdoorsy wedding.

Birdseed heart favors.  This is one idea I almost did for our wedding! I love it so much. Super easy and cheap to make a ton of them.

Custom Sodas. OK, I know these aren’t totally “DIY” – but I have loved Jones Soda for a long time and I adore them for a wedding.  You can order custom labels and chose any of their colors to make your wedding. Perfect.

Custom CDs.  I love that you can create a cd with your favorite songs, or music you picked for you wedding for your guests to take home.  We created our entire wedding playlist, and it would have bee awesome to give our guests favors of all the songs we spent hours and hours picking out. Plus, making rad cd packaging would be so much fun!


Wedding Wednesday: Minty

Here’s some pretty minty green wedding inspiration for you 🙂


Wedding Wednesday: Succulent Edition

It’s no secret that I’ve been loving succulents a little bit lately, and I’ve been seeing them them pop up all over the wedding blogs I read.  There are so many things you can do with them, from bouquets to table decor to boutonnieres to favors. So pretty.

Here is some pretty wedding + succulent inspiration.

Image credits: 1234567891011

I think what I love most about them is that they are so versatile: there are so many different shapes, sizes and colors. Also, I am a big fan of non-traditional wedding flowers. I mean, all the flowers at our wedding were technically dried so obviously I could care less 🙂


Wedding Wednesday: Blue + Grey + Yellow

I had a lot of fun putting together today’s Wedding Wednesday.  One of my favorite color combinations is yellow and grey (and it’s super popular right now, of course), and I just love a greyish shade of blue!

I came up with these colors messing around with my new favorite site, COULOURlovers.  It’s awesome, you should play around with it.

+ + +
Oh, blue mason jars. You will forever hold my heart. 

+ + +
I love, love, love Jones Soda & their pretty bottles.

+   +
Cupcakes, of course. Not only are they pretty, but they are decorated with adorable flags. Swoon. 

+ + + +
I am obsessed with grey paper straws, they are so lovely. 

+ + + +
I think this grey pom & the tutu would be quite adorable together, don’t you? 

Major, major swoonage! I hope you enjoyed!

Black & White Cupcakes: Inspiration

I’m baking cupcakes for my sister’s birthday party tomorrow night and we’re doing a black & white theme for her party, so I thought it would be awesome to do a few different black and white cupcakes.

I kind of already had some visions for what I was going to do, but I was browsing the web this morning to see what other cute ideas I could find.  And now, of course I have too many things I’d like to do, so we’ll see what I come up with 🙂

From left to right:
1. “Hostess” cupcake.  So cute & love the idea of white cream in the middle (we actually had cream filled chocolate cupcakes at our wedding).
2. Dark chocolate cupcakes.  They look so rich and yummy.
3. Black & White cupcakes with hearts.  Just so cute!
4. Oreo cupcake. Love the look of the crumbled cookie on the white frosting.
5. Black and white cupcakes. I love all of these and they look so good together.
6. Black & White cupcakes with fondant. I probably wouldn’t make something with fondant, but they are so clean and CUTE!
7.  Hi Hat Cupcake.  This one is super awesome; I’d made the chocolate super dark!

All of those cupcakes look amazing don’t they!? Well, I have much to think about…so we’ll see what I come up with.  Which ones look the best to you?

inspiration: craft storage

Not sure what came over me the other day, but I had this urge to start looking for some cute storage pieces for my craft room and now I can’t get it out of my head.  It’s an utter mess right now, mostly because I don’t have places to put things.  Here’s some things I am currently drooling over.

Image sources: 123456

Aren’t these amazing? I am imagining labeling all the drawers with cute papers, throwing all my stamps, pens, paints, and other supplies in there.  It would be all kinds of amazing.  I’m going to have to start hitting up all of the local antique shops, because people don’t really ship things this large (or it’s super expensive). I hope I find something as amazing as these pieces soon!

200 + Yellow

So this is my 200th post! Ah! I wanted to do something exciting, but I haven’t come up with any brilliant idea yet, but I will! Soon! I just had about 3 other things I wanted to blog about and didn’t want to wait 🙂


Anyways, I haven’t talked about wedding stuff lately, mostly because not a whole lot has been going on in the past few months. But now, we have 4 months to go and we need to start working out the little details like decor and such! 

What I really am struggling with is finding the perfect shoes. I want yellow shoes! At first I wanted just flats because I am totally not a heels person, and I wouldn’t be comfortable wearing them for hours. But, I think I want a tiny bit of a heel because I am already the shortest person in the wedding party and I know the other two are going to have some sort of heel = awkward 🙂 I have found a lot of cute stuff, but I am not sure I have found the perfect shoe. What really bugs me is when I see photos of an awesome/perfect shoe but have no idea of the brand or anything, this makes me cry. 

Anyways, here is some yellow wedding shoe inspiration for ya’ll (oh hai, I am apparently from Texas today).

Are you dying of cuteness yet? Omygawd, so cute I may just puke.