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Heart It

I put together this little piece of art a few weeks ago and have been meaning to take a picture and post it, buuuut yeah, I’m slow.  I cut out a bunch of hearts on my Silhouette cutting machine to the size of my choice and spent more time than I thought trying to space them evenly in this frame, hah.   I just used a glue stick to glue them onto some plain white paper, then stuck it in this frame.  I was originally inspired from an Etsy shop that my friend had showed me.  I decided to go with flat hearts instead of folding them, and making a heart shaped pattern within my little heart mosaic.

I heart it.  You could easily punch out a bunch of hearts with a heart shaped hole punch too, such as this.


DIY: Lovely Valentine

I have a pretty little valentine card DIY for you today!  I’ve had this idea in my head for a few weeks and finally got a chance to tackle it this weekend. You’re lucky I got to share it BEFORE Valentine’s Day.  It’s pretty simple, yet so pretty.

You will need: a sewing machine, thread, scissors, some translucent/vellum paper (available at most craft & office supply stores), either pre-made blank cards or your own card stock to make cards.  Optional: a Silhouette SD or a large heart hole punch.

First, you will need to cut out a bunch of small hearts out of your vellum paper.  You can cut them out by hand, but if you have a heart hole punch or a snazzy Silhouette cutting machine that will obviously cut down your time a bit! I have the Silhouette so that is what I used.  I made my cards to 6″ x 4.5″, which fit (15) hearts on them. My hearts measured about 1.5″x1.25″.

This was my first time using my sewing machine to sew on paper, and I was really intimated. Well, it was SUPER simple and I used my normal sewing settings for sewing on fabric. You sew on paper exactly the same you would fabric.

Grab your first heart and line it up with the top right edge of your card, and just keep adding hearts as you move down the line (see picture below).  You will be able to fit 5 hearts in each column – don’t worry if they overlap a tad, it won’t matter! Repeat for the other 2 columns.

And voila! You’ll have a super cute valentine. Mess around with different colors, prints, designs, etc.  Here are a few different ones I made:

My favorite is just the vellum hearts on the kraft paper, plain and simple. Love love!  Let me know if you try to make these, I would love to see what other people come up with!