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I spent a little too much time yesterday pinning recipes on Pinterest that included beer as an ingredient. All that led me to make this SUPER delicious German-style meal tonight.

German potato salad, beer Brats & Kolsch-Braised Red Cabbage.

A little bit of love (time) was put into the makings, but it was all so worth it. Nom Nom.  I think my favorite part actually may be the potato salad.  It’s actually not so bad for you, since the only fats added are BACON pieces. Yep, I had you at bacon, didn’t I?  The recipe for the beer Brats didn’t included the sauerkraut on top, it actually showed the potato salad on top, but I felt this presentation looked & tasted better 🙂  Here’s the recipe links:

Kolsch-Braised Red Cabbage

Grilled Beer Brats & German Potato Salad


It’s Fall! (ish)

It’s finally sort of Fall.  By sort of I mean, the weather was fall-like last week, and now it’s warmed up again, but still much cooler than it was 2 weeks ago.  Better than nothing I suppose.

I think one of the reasons for my lack of blogging is because summer seriously depresses me, because it’s SO hot for so long.  It makes me grumpy, tired, and just negative all over – and you don’t want to read a bunch of grumpy posts complaining about the weather!  Especially if we aren’t getting out of town/going on many trips.

I’m pretty sure I owe any readers left a few recipes that I’ve meant to post, but just haven’t. Like those awesome gluten-free donuts and chocolate stout cupcakes (which, apparently, I thought I blogged about but I did not. Fail.). And share quite a few other epic recipes that anyone who can bake needs to try asap.

Some other tidbits to update you all on..

  • We’re headed to Michigan for 10 days on Thursday! I’m super excited – all of Chris’ family lives there and we haven’t visited in 2 years! Sad….we didn’t go last year because we got married and went on our honeymoon. Which bring me to…
  • Our anniversary! It’s coming up in the 23rd 🙂  The trip is sort of our celebration I suppose, we don’t have anything else planned than I know of.
  • Here’s some recent phone snapshots of what I’ve been up to. My camera was dead for a few weeks because I lost my charger.

Bakersfield Oktoberfest! First timers. It was pretty legit!
Decorating for Halloween in the house. Speaking of…

I’ve also been shooting zombies.

My favorite band came out with a new album. Love.

And I am going to see them in November 🙂

Made a little deer art for the wall.