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Michigan Pt. 1

Sunday we arrived back home from a 10-day trip to Michigan to visit with Chris’ family.  We hadn’t been back there to visit in 2 years, which is a lot of time to not see your family!  I didn’t want to leave and I’m already wanting to go back.  Just for the scenery alone.  Flying back over California into LA, I was thinking “dang, it’s SO ugly here”.  It is. I don’t really get why tons of people live here, but that’s just me. (Uh yeah, what am I still doing here by the way? hah).

Enough of that. Here’s some pretty fall shots from our trip.  I’ll share the 2nd most fun part of our trip in a another post. And that would be, all of our beer and food tasting 😉

Oh! One important thing before the other photos…we planned a meetup with Lauryn, who’ve I’ve been blog-following for years!  I love my bloggy friends 🙂  We went to Union Woodshop for dinner, which was pretty much my dream place.  They serve beer in mason jars AND the decor was pretty dang rad. If you’re in Michigan you should definitely check it out, it was delicious.  Thanks Lauryn for an awesome time!!!

Deer!  I was so excited I got a good shot of the deer, we had to be super sneaky walking around to find them.

I love how this cell phone pic turned out:

Are you drooling yet? Gah, sooo beautiful!


Photo Day 7: Silhouette

Oh Deer: A Collection

Hello there, meet my deer collection. I ran around the house trying to find them all and set them all up in one spot to see how many I have. CRAZY.  Actually, I took a bunch of photos and then went to my desk to upload them, and realized I had forgotten a whole family of deer siting on a shelf right next to my desk!!!  There are all my deer figurines, a few prints and a book. I have some other misc. deer stuff too, like some necklaces, stamps, a wall decal…

I started collecting this stuff maybe a year or so ago? Not sure. I am in love with deer in general and saw some figurines in a local antique shop, and it grew from there. I got a few on Ebay, a few gifts from friends, but mostly found them at local antique shops.

The larger grey deer you see in the photo were some bronze figurines that I found at an antique shop, but I decided to spray paint them and it made such a big difference! Love em.  The print on the right is one I got from Etsy in a set of 3 prints for our guest room; and the one on the left is a sooo cute, it’s from my friend Jimaie.

Here are some of my favorites:

This little deer family kills, me! They are so cute and I love their eyes.

Generally I don’t usually buy things that are red, but this was a gift from a friend and I LOVE how this red pops in our house next to our grey walls. I have it sitting on this big ledge above our fireplace/tv stuff. Love it’s big ears!

These baby salt & pepper shakers are my favorite out of my 4 sets of S&P shakers. I love their little spots and the fact that they are sitting on tree stumps 🙂

These tiny deer, again, the eyes!

I think I got this set of deer on Ebay and I loooove the little butterfly and bird on them, they are super cute!!!!

Hope you had fun looking at my every growing collection 🙂  I didn’t realize how many I had until they were all together – I have them spread out throughout our house so it doesn’t seem so bad – haha!

Spray Paint Adventures

I’m probably a little late to hop on the spray paint bandwagon. I’ve spray painted a few things, but nothing fancy or exciting. I found this cute key at Marshall’s the other day and I love it but didn’t love the color so much.

So I decided to grab some spray paint and transform it. I painted it a lovely shade of blue:

Found the perfect spot for it, right next to the door! And I actually JUST made the art above it…the space felt empty and I needed to fill it up. Luckily, I’d bought some embroidery hoops a few months ago and it fit the space perfectly. I made some flowers and added some pearls for a little cuteness.

And of course, I didn’t just buy blue spraypaint…I also bought yellow.

I bought this bottle of wine a few years ago (just because it was a cat!), and it was purple, however, not the prettiest purple. Much better now.


Last weekend we were up in the bay area, staying with Those Corwins. We hit up an antique store and we found these AWESOME brass deer. Not a big fan of the brass decor, so I spray painted them grey 🙂

I like that the paint is super cheap and you get a lot of bang for your buck! This is going to be an addiction, I think.
Are you a spray painting fanatic? What kinds of things have you spray painted?

Working for the weekend

We’re headed up north this weekend, hooray!!! I get to see some of my most awesome friends, andddd, spend Saturday at the SF Renegade Craft Fair!! I am soooo excited and can’t wait to find some super cute handmade stuff! I promise I will share with you my finds 🙂
Oh and here’s a cute deer photo for good measure. Have a great weekend!


I had such a great long weekend. I am thinking the fact that it was extra long (yay for 2 days off work!) made it much greater 🙂 Some highlights:

I found a super cute deer in a local antique shop that was an awesome deal (I saw it for $30 more on ebay!). 

I got baby fever, again.

One of my very very bestest friends, and one of my oldest, got married! YAY! They got engaged the day after Chris and I 🙂

I hope yours was as good as mine 🙂

Antiquing fun

I have never been a big fan of shopping in general. I mean, Target is fine and all, but I can’t shop at those places that have a million things to look at and sift through (Ross, for example). This means that every time I have seen an antique store I never thought twice about wanting to go inside and see what kind of treasures I could find. Also, most times I have tried my hand a garage saling, or taking a trip to Goodwill to find something awesome, I always fail. Never find a thing! And I always see people posting blogs about all the cool things they find an thrift and antique stores, and I’m not gonna lie, I am totaly jealous!

So this weekend we were downtown eating and just looking for something to do to waste a few hours of our time and we decided to stop in a couple big antique shops. Wow. I never knew they could have THAT much stuff in there! I was pleasantly suprised that not all of it was just..junk. I had my eye open for a few things (hint: did you read my last post?), but otherwise I was just looking for cute stuff. Well, the first thing I ran into was miss Talia 🙂 And I am pretty sure she took all the cute things, I saw her grabbing a few adorable items – which I never found anything close to what she had, dangit!

Anyways, it was so fun to wander around. Here are a few things I picked up:

A cute little deer! (Shh..I may have bought more than a few cute little deers!)

Some pretty books, for $1! (Oh look..another deer).

A pair of these sweet little bird cages. Do you think I should put something inside of them?

So all in all, it was a success! Except for the fact that Chris now wants to decorate our house in antique swords…oye.

So who is with me next weekend?! 🙂