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DIY Christmas

So I wanted to share the DIY gifts I made for Christmas this year for my friends and family.  Unfortunately you will have to deal with crappy cell phone pictures (I lost my camera battery charger for like 3 weeks in December, fail!).

Vanilla Extract. It is SUPER easy to make and you can get a bunch of vanilla beans online for much, much  cheaper than in the local stores.  I bought mine from Beanilla.  All you do is fill your jars up with vodka and add split vanilla beans. The ratio is about 1/3 cup of vodka to one vanilla bean.  You’re supposed to let it sit for at least six weeks in a dark, cool spot before you use it.  I cut out some circle tags out of kraft paper, stamped them, and attached them with some cute bakers twine.

I also made some fun necklaces. You can’t see them well here I know, but it started as a light piece of wood.  After lots of cutting, a dremmel purchase, sanding, staining and painting…they were done!  They were all the same colors (a dark wood stain with gold paint), but the shapes and designs were irregular.  I loved how they came out.



I saw a framed letter DIY a while ago and decided to give it a shot last week.  The only annoying part was trying to comb through the wooden letters at Michaels: none of the letters were in the right spot, a bunch were missing, or broken..so after 15 minutes of that I was SO done, hah! I wish I had some more letters to throw in the frame, but I think it looks pretty cute still.

All you need is small wooden letters, paint (spraypaint is the easiest), some thick paper for the background, a shadowbox fame, and of course, hot glue!  I decided to go a little bit of a different route and use yellow paint to do the “I ❤ U”.  I think it would be super cute to do other little words, sayings, or someone’s name.

Day 13 & Some Cookies

Today’s photo challenge was kind of weird: A photo edit that you like.   So I interpreted as my favorite ways to edit my photos. And that would be 1) My favorite Lightroom preset, and 2) washi tape strips!  Here’s an example:

I almost always quickly edit all my photos in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (I’m no fancy pants). I have a bunch of “presets” I can use to quickly click and edit photos, but my most used/favorite edit is called “Afternoon Delight“, which adds a touch of goldenness/rustic-ness to photos, which I love. Oh and washi tape strips from Pugly Pixel are my favorite ways to add text to photos 🙂

Anyways, some other things I wanted to share….some lovely friends of mine got married this weekend, aren’t they cute? Adrien (da man) has been a friend since I was in high school, and his new wife, Jen, and I have become friends since they started dating.

I helped them with some wedding stuffs, Jen did a ton of DIY and I was happy to share ideas and thoughts. But I also helped put together a cookie bar for them. Here were the results!

Since I only have one little cake stand, I decided it would be best/cheapest to just make some more. I picked up a set of white dishes at Goodwill ($10 for maybe 18-ish plates) and some glass candlestick holders from Goodwill and the dollar store.  Glued em together and voila!  I spent less than $20 and made 3 stands with 2-3 plates on each and could have made a few more 🙂  And if you’re wondering, I made chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, and chocolate salted caramel cookies.  We also had milk at the table. Perfection!

DIY Easter Eggs

I’m ignoring the fact that today is “Wedding Wednesday” because I’ve been meaning to post a bunch of super cute ideas for decorating easter eggs.  I love fun ways of decorating eggs!  A year or two ago we used old silk ties to dye eggs, & they turned out pretty neat because the tie pattern transfers right on the eggs.

Here’s some other fun ideas:

1. Doily Stenciled Eggs
2. Gilded Eggs
3. Herb Stenciled Eggs (one I am going to try for sure!)

4. Chalkboard Eggs (trying these too, I ❤ chalkboard paint!)

5. Embroidered Eggs – so pretty! This would be SO hard to do, whoever makes them is amazing.
6.  Fabric-covered Eggs
7. Glitter Confetti Eggs – these are magical!

Do you plan on doing some egg decorating? I think it’s kind of funny that decorating eggs still excites me – I mean, I’m kind of in my mid-twenties and have no children. Oh well 😉

Wedding Wednesday: DIY Favors

Probably not a surprise to anyone that I love anything Wedding + DIY.  A while back I posted a tutorial on making your own coffee bag wedding favors (we made them for favors at our wedding). I loved them so much.  I wish I could have done 80 different favors, there are so many great ideas out there that give your wedding a personal touch.

Here are some great ideas that are easy and super cute:

Succuelnt Favors.  How adorable are these?  There are tons of different types of succulents out there, so there’s a million different ways to make this unique to your wedding.

Smore’s Packages.  These are pretty much perfect for an outdoorsy wedding.

Birdseed heart favors.  This is one idea I almost did for our wedding! I love it so much. Super easy and cheap to make a ton of them.

Custom Sodas. OK, I know these aren’t totally “DIY” – but I have loved Jones Soda for a long time and I adore them for a wedding.  You can order custom labels and chose any of their colors to make your wedding. Perfect.

Custom CDs.  I love that you can create a cd with your favorite songs, or music you picked for you wedding for your guests to take home.  We created our entire wedding playlist, and it would have bee awesome to give our guests favors of all the songs we spent hours and hours picking out. Plus, making rad cd packaging would be so much fun!

Wedding Wednesday: Succulent Edition

It’s no secret that I’ve been loving succulents a little bit lately, and I’ve been seeing them them pop up all over the wedding blogs I read.  There are so many things you can do with them, from bouquets to table decor to boutonnieres to favors. So pretty.

Here is some pretty wedding + succulent inspiration.

Image credits: 1234567891011

I think what I love most about them is that they are so versatile: there are so many different shapes, sizes and colors. Also, I am a big fan of non-traditional wedding flowers. I mean, all the flowers at our wedding were technically dried so obviously I could care less 🙂


Wedding Wednesday (Er, Thursday)

Sorry I am a day long on my Wedding Wednesday post, I didn’t have very much energy last night left to throw something together! Luckily, I got a bit of inspiration when a friend of mine (whom I’m helping planning wedding decor for) told me she hadn’t really found any wedding invitations yet because the cutest ones were way too pricey.

I was thinking: I hear ya girl! I think I had 75 wedding invitations made and spent almost $300 on them. When you’re on a budget (or just like to be as cheap as possible, like me!) you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a piece of paper that most of your guests will throw away in a month or two. But, you still want them to be cute and something you love as well.

One thing I found a little late in my wedding planning stage, was that some Etsy sellers offer DIY printable wedding invitations. Meaning, you are buying a PDF of your invitations and printing them out yourself.  This could save you a TON of money.  I found a bunch of cute options last night and they range for $25-$100 for the design.

{Click images to head to the Etsy shops}