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365: February

This is my month of February for my 365 project, you can view all of my photos on my Flickr.  So, I missed ONE day. Dangit, and the one day I missed?I had actually captured a video on my phone. Does that count? It was of the Zooperstars and a hockey game, hah!  It’s really hard to take photos during the work week, because I don’t think of it until I get home from work…and then it’s dark. So usually I end up with a crappy photos :-/

Apparently, I baked a lot this this month and saw a lot of pretty sunsets. I would say February was definitely a win!

Do you do a 365 project too? Is it hard for you to get a photo a day? Sometimes I take a million photos (mostly on weekends)..then some days I forget until I’m getting ready to go to bed.


365: January

So I this past month I have been attempting to take photos every day and upload it to my Flickr, whether it be using my cell phone, my DSLR, or whatever else.  Though I didn’t manage to upload one every single day – I did do REALLY good! Usually with these things, I’ll do well for a couple weeks then just forget about it. I only missed a few days. I blame this on stress and busy-ness – but that’s okay. I am going to strive to make it happen every day in February.  Although, yesterday my phone apparently didn’t upload the photo, but..I took it! 🙂

Here is my first month; you can check out the photos on my Flickr.  Oh and follow me too, I’ll follow you back. I love seeing the photos that my friends are uploading every day 🙂