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San Diego Area Brewtour

A few weekends ago while we were down in San Diego for a concert, we took an extra day off of work so we could make time to hit up some breweries in the SD area.

We stayed just a few miles away from Stone Brewery – somewhere we have been dying to go for a loooong time (one of Chris’ favs), so that was our main place we wanted to visit.  Even if you’re not a big beer fan I totally recommend that you visit the brewery, it is AMAZING.  It’s gigantic!  There’s the brewery itself, a gift store, a giant restaurant, and outdoor “beer garden”. The garden area was much larger than I had expected, you basically walked around a path outside with tons of trees, a big pond and picnic type areas to sit around on.  It was also super packed!


These pretzels were SO good!  So about the food: their kitchen was undergoing renovations during our visit so they sort of had a limited menu.  Chris and I both weren’t very impressed with our dinner, it was alright but definitely not as good as we’d hoped for the $$$ spent.  The snacks and beer, of course, were divine 🙂



The actual brewery tours were sold the first 2 days we were in the area, and so we stopped back on our way home and somehow managed to squeeze into an open tour that day!  It was pretty neat and I actually learned a lot about the brewing process.

I failed at really taking photos of the other places we visited, but we had also made stops at Mission Brewery, Karl Strauss, and Lost Abbey / Port Brewing.  We had great experiences at all of them and can’t wait to go back down to SD and find more great breweries 🙂


beers. beets. battlestar gallactica.

This weekend was so great! And I am, of course, ridiculously sad it’s over and once again feeling like it went too fast.  Saturday was a trip up to Kern River Brewing Co. in Kernville.

The brewery was actually  better than I had anticipated. I mean I knew their beers were good, we’ve had them before and we actually had them at our wedding; but they restaurant itself was really yummy and I loved the whole ambiance.  I recommend if you’re in or around Bakersfield you definitely make the hour trip up the canyon to check it out!

The rest of the weekend we spent doing stuff around the house and working outside.  This morning we took our dogs out to play:

Progression of the frisbee catch 😉