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Flying By

This month is seriously flying by; I have been meaning to blog more but just haven’t found the time to sit down, download and edit photos, etc.  So I just downloaded a few photos that will give me reasons to publish a few posts this week 🙂

The weekend before last we had a birthday celebration for Chris with a bunch of friends – it was his 25th birthday and I thought since that is sort of a milestone, that it was a good reason to get everyone together.  Friends even drove from hours away! How sweet of them 🙂

I have issues with not taking  enough photos when I’m at parties and such, so I didn’t get very many but here’s some.

Handsome birthday boy – cheers!

Sarah and John!

Steph and Miss Moriah (made by Jimaie 😀 )

My sister and the husband.

We had a lot more people in the group but like I said, I sucked at taking pictures.    We met up at our favorite brewery in town (ok, the only one), Lengthwise.  And hung out for a few hours, drank beer, ate yummy food, and then ended off the night playing Just Dance on the Wii.  We are obviously super duper cool.


New Year Kicked Off Right!

Yesterday was my most wonderful husband’s 25th birthday, and we celebrated by taking an extra long weekend and heading to Vegas with some friends of ours. It was Chris and my first time going ever, so The Grangers were the perfect pair to break of our Vegas virginity seeing as they’ve been a million times and even got married there!

We walked around way too much, drank some beers, gambled a bit, and had a good time. Here’s some evidence.

Played a game on the way where we had to guess the artist and song names that came on the radio, needless to say Chris and I failed 🙂

We got back late Saturday night after a long drive and a few stops at some outlet stores 🙂  Sunday was Chris’ birthday and I woke up and made him breakfast and asked him what kind of cake he wanted. He said banana, chocolate, and caramel. This is what I came up with:

Day 1 & Some weekend fun

I’m doing a fun little photo challenge for the next 30 days with some friends. Some of them are pretty simple, but some make you think a bit and are just fun ideas to test your skillz. Today’s challenge (the first day) was to take a photo of yourself.

Soooo, when you work all day, get home and quickly change and head to the gym, then come back home and make dinner, it’s late, and you’re stinky and tired. But, you document your lovely face and greasy hair anyways. Hot.

Moving right along!

One day over this last holiday weekend we made a spur-of-the-moment trip to the coast to meet up with some good friends.  The drive as you got closer to the coast (and through some wine country) was SO pretty, everything was so green and lush.

That’s a lake, but if you look closely you can see the ocean in the background – gorgeous.

My husband is crazzzyyyy!

We spent a few hours in Cayucos just walking around and grabbing a bite to eat. Then we ventured over to San Luis Obispo to do a little of the same. We ended the evening at Creekside Brewing Company, and the beers were really good (yep, tried them all…duh!). Sometime I wish beer wasn’t so filling 🙂 On the way home as we were driving and it was getting dark I was looking around (there’s lots and lots of cows and horses in fields along the drive) and I spotted a large family of deer, maybe elk, trotting along close to the road. So cute! I kind of wish we would have stopped to take some photos.

I can’t drive 55

This might be kind of weird, but I don’t think I have ever driven out of town (over 30 mins?) by myself! I never really have had to is all.  But, yesterday I went on a little roadtrip up to Fresno all by my lonesome to see some pretty awesome friends.

I was able to gittle a little peakage at this new little man that has recently come into this world. So excited for my friend and her little family 🙂  The rest of the afternoon I hung out with Sarah & Jimaie (and John!) and well, our plan was to thrift/go antiquing buuut we ended up at Target (duh) and Old Navy. I was excited because I found a really cute dress at Target for a wedding this weekend, our Target definitely didn’t have anything cute. Score.  We also stuffed our faces with Mexican food. Nom.

Sarah drove us around town in her new car that smells amazing.

We had multiple photoshoots in Target.

We colored on the table at dinner, because we’re 8.

So I got home kinda of late last night (10:30 pm), and had to get up at 6:30am to drive another few hours away for work, ALONE! It was a really pretty drive and I got to trump around in the Mojave desert. There were some pretty flowers and I saw some rabbits and squirrels 🙂

Morning drive.

Did you hear?

My good friend Morgan is preggers! So happy for her and her husband Justin. And uber jealous of their cute little family. I love you! 🙂

You should definitely stop by her blog and congratulate her if you haven’t already!!!



Quick Important Update!

Hey guys! Just a couple things I wanted to update you all on. I’ve been pretty busy lately doing this and that (and by that I mean buying too many vintage deer figurines and attempting to garden in the 95-degree heat), and hopefully I’ll be able to do some more exciting blog posts in the upcoming weeks 🙂

My good friend Steph is hosting an online raffle to raise money for breast cancer research, as she is participating in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer this summer. The perks (other than donating to a good cause, of course!) are winning free, a GAP gift card and super cute accessories from a few very talented people, including a few items from my Etsy shop 🙂

Please please PLEASE go here and read her blog post and details on how you can enter to win one of the lovely prize packages, all of the stuff is super cute!!!

And in related news, I have been adding some new designs to my shop the past few weeks as I’ve had time, here are some of my new things:

I have about 5 billion others ideas for new things in the workings, so hopefully I can find some time to work on them and share with you guys 🙂

Hope all is well, have a good week! I am looking forward to a possible extra long weekend and one of my bestest friend’s weddings (yay!), as well as Father’s Day & a little family reunion, hooray!

*Ohhh, I just realized this is my 199th post…maybe I”ll have to do something exciting for my 200th! What do you think!? 🙂


I took this last Friday off for an extra long weekend, because we had a few friends staying with us. Here are some snippets of my weekend – cell phone picture version 🙂 

A drive from Bakersfield to LA.

I was determined to find a good eatery in LA that had been feaured on Diners, Drive-ins & Dives. I made a list of all the places in LA, and we ended up at Oinkster. We also happend to see a famous person! Zach del la Rocha from Rage Against the Machine was eating solo and having a heated conversation on his cell phone, hah. (Ok, so I definitely wouldn’t have known who it was if it wasn’t for someone else who pointed him out, shh).

I had the Oinkster Pastrami and it was FAB. Note to self, order plaintains instead of fries next time (I tried a friend’s an they were AMAZING).

We ended Friday evening walking around Hollywood & Highland Ave.
We stayed the night in LA, then had a gigantic breakfast Saturday morning, followed by a pitstop at Ikea on the way back home.


The rest of the weekend was spent doing random things and thrifting 🙂


This caught my eye in a local antique store because Jimaie had just purchased something similar. I may or may not have picked it up for her to match 🙂
I didn’t buy this bitty-squirrel-on-a-nut but I thought it was hilar!

We also went to see peacocks at a local park, and I finally got a good picture of an albino peacock! We lured her in with french fries 🙂

My friend Mallory and I.

I hope you had a lovely weekend!! I promise to post more soon, including our guest room makeover 😀 yay!