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Gimme! Birthday edition.

My birthday is in a few days (yay? I dunno. Not sure how I feel about turning 26 yet, but I am hoping in the next year something amazing will happen), so I thought I’d share with you some pretty things I wouldn’t mind having.  Also, thank you Pinterest for storing my many, many things that I would someday like to have 😉

Can’t seem to find this pretty necklace on Etsy now…shoot!  Anyone?

I’ve been looking for the perfect dark grey nail polish; I think this is it!

I need a nice looking camera bag SO badly.  I have a crappy one that I got last minute and I grabbed whatever they had at Wal Mart :-/ So fugly.

I obviously need this shirt.

I think this cake stand was made for me! 🙂

SO cute! I think I’d buy a set and hang it on the kitchen walls 🙂

I actually already know of the “big” gift I am getting, and any birthday money my family gives me will go right to that. I’ll share when I get it 🙂 So excited!


My Uterus Hurts

My weekend was filled with cute little girls….you can’t tell me you don’t love photos of random little kids you don’t know! Yeah, that’s what I thought 😀

My niece is the happiest little gal ever, I adore her!

It was this little one’s first birthday, she’s my cousin’s daughter. SO CUTE. 


Sadly, it warmed up here a bit this weekend 😦 Otherwise, we got some much needed stuff done: bought out wedding bands (!) and picked out the guys’ wedding tux’s. Woot! 

Did you have a good weekend?


Birthdays & Baked Goods

Whenever we have a family or friend event to go to, I have a bad habit of volunteering myself to make dessert. Ok so it wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t always try to do something new and unusual and totally exhaust myself. (Or, the time when I baked a cake super last minute, only to have it overflow in the oven & burn to a crisp, leaving me no choice to pick up something at the store.) But it’s fun! And I love when people are impressed with whatever it is I’ve come up with.

Of course my niece’s 1st birthday party was no exception! I volunteered to do dessert right off the bat, and had planned to do rainbow cupcakes. A few days before the event, she told me there’d be 40 people coming. Yikes. So I tried my best not to procrastinate and do something fun. Even though it took forever, it was pretty simple.
The cupcakes. Ok they came out all cute and dandy & tasted delicious. But can I tell you how utterly retarded it was to find cupcake liners that weren’t white, Dora the Explorer or metallic. Such a pain. Glad to get that off my chest!
Some stats on the cupcakes: 3 boxes of white cake mix, divided into 3 bowls & colored pink, yellow & orange. Buttercream frosting from this recipe. The flower idea was stolen from Bakerella, thanks Morgan 😉
I also made a mini cake for my niece, Madelyn.
The death of said cake.
And, last minute I decided to make some red velvet cake pops. I picked up a round piece of styrofoam & fake flowers from Michaels. I cut just the flower parts off the stems and stuck them in the styrofoam & wrapped some ribbon I had around the edge. Voila! Also, if you haven’t made these yet I highly suggest it. I don’t know what is better than a mixture of red velvet cake & cream cheese frosting, for reals.



And, let me throw some more cuteness into the mix: 

Hopefully that wasn’t too much cuteness for you. She is the most adorable baby girl ever!