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We’ve had a camping trip planned for a few months now, and it was this past weekend. We’d taken an extra day off work, and although there were some last minute changes in plans – we had a super great adventure 🙂 Our weekend included: 

Finding a closer place to camp the night before we left (originally planned for Yosemite)

Picking a random place to camp.
Packing way too many things we didn’t use, lol.
Driving up to 8,000-foot elevation.
Super desolate dirt mountain roads.
Finding out there was nothing (stores, gas, etc) within an hour of the campground.
A stream running right next to our site.
And all this awesomeness

Only bad part, didn’t see any deer, booo! 🙂 Camping was totally satisfying and definitely worth the drooling I’ve been doing thinking about it for months!


Vintage + Camping

I’ve got camping on the brain these days. Today I was looking for a few little camping supplies and started to find all kinds of goodies. If these lovely finds don’t make you want to go camping, I have no idea what will 🙂

1. 1960s-70s Floral Carafe – $18.00

11. Vintage Owl Camping Lights – $31.00 (current, Ebay)
12. Pink Enamel Saucepan – $9.00
13. 4 Vintage Camping Chairs – $19.00 (current, Ebay)
If that wasn’t enough cuteness, here’s some camping photos to make you drool. (all via weheartit)