Oh, how you’ve been missed…

This is my little cheesy ode to The Office. But come on it’s not THAT cheesy! Thursday nights without The Office are just so sad. I mean, it used to be the only show I followed really and now that it’s been gone for 5 months I’ve turned to American Idol, among others, to ease the pain. 5 months that we were supposed to have The Office every Thursday night…we got no Christmas episode, no preggy Angela, no Valentine’s Day, no Jim and Pam (or JAM for some of you), no sad Dwight. Oh, so sad. And now we’re going to have just a few more episodes then another what…3 months of no Office! Blasphemy I tell ya. So here’s to you, Office cast, for coming back to complete our Thursday nights.


3 responses to “Oh, how you’ve been missed…

  1. Hahah, I was going to post one of these today, no lie! I can’t waiiiiit…. Is it wrong that I woke up, and the first thing I thought of was that it was on tonight?

  2. Oh my, yes! That would be awesome….That’s the first thing I remember about “Stephanie’s friend Alyssa” — that you were cool like us! haha

  3. w00t.and I prefer PB&J

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