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Flying By

This month is seriously flying by; I have been meaning to blog more but just haven’t found the time to sit down, download and edit photos, etc.  So I just downloaded a few photos that will give me reasons to publish a few posts this week 🙂

The weekend before last we had a birthday celebration for Chris with a bunch of friends – it was his 25th birthday and I thought since that is sort of a milestone, that it was a good reason to get everyone together.  Friends even drove from hours away! How sweet of them 🙂

I have issues with not taking  enough photos when I’m at parties and such, so I didn’t get very many but here’s some.

Handsome birthday boy – cheers!

Sarah and John!

Steph and Miss Moriah (made by Jimaie 😀 )

My sister and the husband.

We had a lot more people in the group but like I said, I sucked at taking pictures.    We met up at our favorite brewery in town (ok, the only one), Lengthwise.  And hung out for a few hours, drank beer, ate yummy food, and then ended off the night playing Just Dance on the Wii.  We are obviously super duper cool.


January Desktop

I needed a new desktop photo so I whipped this up real quick – feel free to download if for your own use!  Sorry, I only made one size!

Download here.


Even though 2011 was kind of tough, and what I thought to be uneventful…going back through photos of the year brought back memories of tons of events that happened and memories that will last forever.  Babies, baby showers, weddings, parties…one celebration after the next. That’s a good year.

PS, did the llama make you laugh? 🙂

Michigan Pt. 2

Part 1 here.

In the middle of our Michigan trip, we took a little 2-day adventure, just that two of us.  We kicked it off by driving from Flint to Grand Rapids.  Wow, I had NO clue that GR was such a cool little City.  It was probably the size of our town, but super nice with a GREAT downtown.  I loved that everything was old looking, but super clean and renovated feeling.

The majority of our day was spent checking out the Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park.

The garden areas were pretty freaking neat.  Most of it was indoors, temperature controlled areas per the plant habitats.  It was cold and windy outside, but the desert plant area was hot and humid, the jungle plant area was humid and misty.

Those are some of my favorites from the outdoor sculpture areas.   There were tons of areas, and paths to take; we could have really stayed there all day wandering area finding new things.  I highly recommend if you’re  close, or even not close, to check it out.  The indoor sculpture gallery was really neat as well, but no photos were allowed.

The rest of our time spent in Grand Rapids was checking out a few beer spots, but that’s a whole separate post 🙂


Kinda effed up my blog, and then quickly attempted to put it back into a decent state for the time being, excuse the lack of widgets and what not. I don’t have time right now to deal with it 🙂  Hah, I need to hire a professional!


Hiiiii….if you want to view my private postings, please email me at alyssadawn3(at)gmail(dot)com  for the password.

I also have to be okay with who is reading it, so I’m sorry if I don’t respond!


These days it’s been really hard for me to stay positive about things in general. Today I’m trying to focus on the happier things over all the bad.  So, some things that I have to be positive about:

  • It’s Friday!!  The weekends have been  flying by because they’ve been so busy, but at least we have great things going on.
  • Chris & I have become avid beer lovers, and are lucky to have friends to partake in this newfound love with. Tomorrow we are headed up the Kern River to the Kern River Brewery, which we have never been to. And it’s only an hour away. In the mountains 🙂
  • Cupcakes! I’m selling my cupcakes at a local hospital for a fundraiser next week, and I’m sort of nervous but it will be really good for me and maybe I can make some money off of it and get some more business!  I’m also baking for my niece’s 2nd birthday next weekend.
  • Yardwork. Really.  Our front and back yard are a disaster, and we really don’t have enough time to get things looking good in a fast manner..but, we have been working in our front yard (slowly) planting new thing (flowers, fruit, veggies and herbs) and I love it.  What I don’t love? All the bugs.  I’m a total wimp, I’m so scared of spiders that I won’t even smash them myself.
  • New bands. Back when I had more free time, I used to spend it discovering new bands.  These days, I’m kind of out of the music loop.  After almost falling asleep watching Conan last week, I heard some band playing as I was drifting off to neverland, but their sounds totally woke me up, and I liked it. You should check out The Head and the Heart. They are awesome, and I’ve been listening to them the past few days, all day, at work. And at home. Hooked. (Sidenote: do bands really have website these days, or just Myspace, Facebook and Twitter? Funny.)