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Some baby fever: cute toys

I’m not pregnant, but quite  a few of my friends are – or have recently had babies. Not only that but the whole internet world of women my age seem to be pregnant as well. This is so not helpful for me! I just cannot wait to have a family.  While I am impatiently waiting to start one, I will just live vicariously through my friends… by planning adorable baby showers, finding sweet nursery inspiration, and buying them the cutest gifts ever.

I came across some of the cutest kid toys a few days ago, so I wanted to share some because I know 90% of you are pregnant or have small children (ok, and for my future children…duh!).

From left to right:

1. Maple & Walnut Stacking Set {$30.00}
2. House Blocks {$32.00}
3. Felt Woodland Creatures Finger Puppets (PDF Pattern) {$5.00}
4. Woodland Animals- Set of 3 Wooden Toys {$31.00}
5. Woodland Fairy Table Set {$15.00}
6. Felt Food Breakfast Set {$26.50}
7. Tweed Woodland Squirrels {$47.00}
8. Animal Sanctuary Card Table Playhouse {$185.00}