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Feeling Christmas-y

This last week has been all about the holidays.  It’s started to get pretty cold, which mean hot drinks, fires and the holidays.  I love fall, but I also love winter almost as much 🙂  We picked up a tree yesterday and that evening I spent putting up the lights and ornaments.

We’ve also started a few fires this week.

And of course put up some more decor; and what are the holidays without some yummy seasonal beers?

Another thing we try to do every year is get together with my family and put together some gingerbread houses.  Usually we are up in the mountains but since we don’t have a cabin anymore, home it is.  I don’t know what it was, but this year everyone had the hardest time ever trying to make the houses look at least decent.  The kit that Chris and I (mostly me) had to deal with was a “mini” gingerbread house village.   No words are necessary to describe this mess:

Yeah, no comment.  I was beyond annoyed with the whole situation (but the spiked eggnog helped!).  And for any Bakersfieldians, we dubbed this “Oildale Village.

And today, I took some Christmas photos of my cousin’s freshly born baby boy, he is SO sweet.

Isn’t he sweet?  So precious.

Well, our little family also attempted some photos today.  Sadie was good at first, and Tundra wasn’t having it.

But somehow we got one, WITH the dogs. I know right? It was chaotic. I will probably share the outtakes later…hah.


Year One.

Sunday Chris and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary! Ok…so we didn’t really “celebrate” just yet, since we spent most of the day traveling back home from Michigan.  We did get fro-yo though!

So yay, one year!  I pretty much already know I have the most amazing husband, and am so glad I married my best friend.  We love being around each other and partaking in one another’s hobbies and interests. Le sigh.   We really did have such a fun wedding day, I always say that I want another one.  It was so much fun doing all of the DIY stuff, and having everything that was “us”. And a big party celebrating with all of your friends and family? Yes please.  Our family is pretty awesome, too 🙂

This is a video I made last year with some of our wedding tunes and photos.

Ceremony Favorites

We also had a short and sweet ceremony. Since it was so short we didn’t really do much decorating at all. Not that anyone would need to, look out beautiful the scenery is!

I guess the flower girl (she’s actually my cousin!) got a little scared and started running down the aisle. Those are white feathers in her basket – she didn’t really throw them I don’t think, hah!

This picture of my parents is sooo sweet.

I’d suggest you watch the video I made of the wedding to see more ceremony pics + music.

The bridal party walked down to Love and Some Verses by Iron and Wine, I walked down to Ingrid Michaelson’s verson of Can’t Helpt Falling In Love, and we walked out to New Soul by Yael Naim. I loooove all our wedding music, we put so much work into not only those songs but our entire playlist for the whole thing. I’ll share more about that later too 🙂

Wedding Party Favs

And here are some of my favorites of our wedding party. We had a super small group for our wedding party, I’m not really a fan of having half of my guests in my wedding party 😉 Small and sweet is our style.

It also cracks me up how less photogenic guys are compared to girls!

Us: Favorites

Here are some of my favorite wedding photos of Chris + Me (but really, honestly..wish I could post them all, there so many good ones. But I’m afraid you all would abandon me)


I made a little wedding video today with some of our pictures. Warning, it’s actually 12 minutes long (hah). Make sure you have your sound on 🙂

I’ll post more of my favorite pictures later!