Wherein Technology Sucks

On Friday night I was catching up on my DVR’d shows that I missed during the week, when I heard a loud POP and the tv screen went out.

“Uggghhh, Chris, I’m pretty sure the TV just died”, so the hubs came over to check it out, did some research online, opened up the TV to check out the insides (he’s such a sweet and handy guy!), and after more research, he said “yeaaahh, I think we are going to just have to buy a new one”.

Of course, nobody wants to drop hundreds of bucks on a semi-novely item, so needlesstosay, we have yet to purchase a new TV.  I’m sure we’ll pick one up this weekend or something, but I don’t totally feel the need to run out right away and get one….maybe after missing a few more nights of my MANY tv shows I will change my mind.  And speaking of, I really do watch wayyyy too much tv.  So for your reading pleasure, here is my current DVR schedule!

Monday: Intervention, The Voice, How I Met Your Mother

Tuesday: Glee, Parenthood, New Girl, Teen Mom, American Idol

Wednesday: Modern Family, American Idol, Top Chef

Thursday: Parks & Rec, The Office, American Idol

Friday: Portlandia, Kitchen Nightmares

Weekends: Pretty much nothing besides a few cooking type shows.  I usually keep the tv on in the background, catch up on anything I missed during the week, or find something On Demand if I need entertainment.

Now that I type it out it doesn’t seem as back as it looks (right? Riiiiight).  We also record a few other things that we don’t really watch all the time like, Conan, The Soup, Cupcake Wars. I haz no life.


3 responses to “Wherein Technology Sucks

  1. I was diggin Danielle’s post about “must haves” we carry in our purses on a daily basis. And now I’m diggin your post about listing the shows we watch. I know your intention wasn’t to make a game or challenge out of this, but now that I’ve read your post, I want to make a game out of it! hehe. So my next post may just be to talk about the shows that we like to watch and dvr 🙂

  2. Haha, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that has no life. I love way too many TV shows that I have DVR’d. It’s not funny when there are too many favorites in 1 night than another.

    I love new TVs though. So much more clear and just the fact that buying new technology gadgets are fun! 🙂

  3. I’m trying to imagine what would happen in our house if the TV died. I’m pretty sure Aaron would be taking a new one out of the box within the hour. He is obsessed with TVs. It’s a bit of a problem.

    Take your time and find the right one at the right price, and it will be awesome!

    Love your DVR lineup! We have quite a few shows in common 🙂

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