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Wherein Technology Sucks

On Friday night I was catching up on my DVR’d shows that I missed during the week, when I heard a loud POP and the tv screen went out.

“Uggghhh, Chris, I’m pretty sure the TV just died”, so the hubs came over to check it out, did some research online, opened up the TV to check out the insides (he’s such a sweet and handy guy!), and after more research, he said “yeaaahh, I think we are going to just have to buy a new one”.

Of course, nobody wants to drop hundreds of bucks on a semi-novely item, so needlesstosay, we have yet to purchase a new TV.  I’m sure we’ll pick one up this weekend or something, but I don’t totally feel the need to run out right away and get one….maybe after missing a few more nights of my MANY tv shows I will change my mind.  And speaking of, I really do watch wayyyy too much tv.  So for your reading pleasure, here is my current DVR schedule!

Monday: Intervention, The Voice, How I Met Your Mother

Tuesday: Glee, Parenthood, New Girl, Teen Mom, American Idol

Wednesday: Modern Family, American Idol, Top Chef

Thursday: Parks & Rec, The Office, American Idol

Friday: Portlandia, Kitchen Nightmares

Weekends: Pretty much nothing besides a few cooking type shows.  I usually keep the tv on in the background, catch up on anything I missed during the week, or find something On Demand if I need entertainment.

Now that I type it out it doesn’t seem as back as it looks (right? Riiiiight).  We also record a few other things that we don’t really watch all the time like, Conan, The Soup, Cupcake Wars. I haz no life.


San Diego Area Brewtour

A few weekends ago while we were down in San Diego for a concert, we took an extra day off of work so we could make time to hit up some breweries in the SD area.

We stayed just a few miles away from Stone Brewery – somewhere we have been dying to go for a loooong time (one of Chris’ favs), so that was our main place we wanted to visit.  Even if you’re not a big beer fan I totally recommend that you visit the brewery, it is AMAZING.  It’s gigantic!  There’s the brewery itself, a gift store, a giant restaurant, and outdoor “beer garden”. The garden area was much larger than I had expected, you basically walked around a path outside with tons of trees, a big pond and picnic type areas to sit around on.  It was also super packed!


These pretzels were SO good!  So about the food: their kitchen was undergoing renovations during our visit so they sort of had a limited menu.  Chris and I both weren’t very impressed with our dinner, it was alright but definitely not as good as we’d hoped for the $$$ spent.  The snacks and beer, of course, were divine 🙂



The actual brewery tours were sold the first 2 days we were in the area, and so we stopped back on our way home and somehow managed to squeeze into an open tour that day!  It was pretty neat and I actually learned a lot about the brewing process.

I failed at really taking photos of the other places we visited, but we had also made stops at Mission Brewery, Karl Strauss, and Lost Abbey / Port Brewing.  We had great experiences at all of them and can’t wait to go back down to SD and find more great breweries 🙂

Heart It

I put together this little piece of art a few weeks ago and have been meaning to take a picture and post it, buuuut yeah, I’m slow.  I cut out a bunch of hearts on my Silhouette cutting machine to the size of my choice and spent more time than I thought trying to space them evenly in this frame, hah.   I just used a glue stick to glue them onto some plain white paper, then stuck it in this frame.  I was originally inspired from an Etsy shop that my friend had showed me.  I decided to go with flat hearts instead of folding them, and making a heart shaped pattern within my little heart mosaic.

I heart it.  You could easily punch out a bunch of hearts with a heart shaped hole punch too, such as this.

You Shoot Me Straight & True

If you know me at all whatsoever you know I love music and it has been a big part of my life forever.  I grew up on all kinds of classic rock goodness (thanks Dad), spent my high school days going to shows every weekend, and even helping a run a music website with my friends. About this time in 2001 is when I started listening to Thrice, and I’ve been a HUGE fan ever since. It’s kind of special following something for so long, and as they change so do you, and each album means something different to you since you are both evolving.

Anyways! The singer of Thrice, Dustin Kensrue, has some solo cds and plays solo shows every so often.  He has a great bluesy raw voice that I love.  Of course any time the band or him play within a few hours of here I snatch up tickets.  This weekend he was playing in San Diego as part of the Where’s The Band tour (alongside singers from bands such and Bayside, The Get Up Kids, Saves the Day).

I wanted to share a few songs from the night, sorry for some of the vids, but I wanted to find some of the actual show we went to.  Here is one of his personal songs “Pistol”, which just so happens to be our wedding song 🙂 Major swoonage


I totally dig this cover he did of the Cold War Kids “Hospital Beds” – this song has been stuck in my head for days now, love his version.


And one of the more popular Thrice songs, “The Artist in the Ambulance”.

Save the Date

Yesterday Chris got the mail and handed me an enveloped marked “do not bend”; an envelope in which I didn’t recognize the return address.  I opened it up and quickly realized it was from my friend Beth who is getting married in June – it was their Save the Date announcement, and it included a dvd.

I popped the dvd in my computer to see that it was a video of them, and it was SO adorable and creative that I wanted to share it.  Here is the video via made u look photography.