It’s been awhile

I haven’t been thrifting/antiquing since this last summer probably, it’s sad.  Last weekend Danielle and I went for just a few short hours to see if we could find some treasures.   I usually have pretty bad luck when it comes to these things; I can’t really ever find what I am looking for, and if I do, it’ll be way too expensive.

I FINALLY found a crate that wasn’t over $30.  It was half that price, and I am definitely not willing to spend more than that (Chris and I are trying to collect a bunch for some projects).  I love old wood. That’s what she said.

How adorable is this little tree? I love it so much. I spotted it sitting up high on a shelf in one both while we were eating lunch. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have seen it!

Chris and I collect brewery coasters everywhere we go, so these were a good and surprising find (around $2 for each pack!). Someday we’ll find a project for them – any ideas?


4 responses to “It’s been awhile

  1. band of brothers

    it is RIDICULOUS how expensive those crates are getting! it’s insane! the first crate i bought a few years ago was $4. and now, they are usually at least $25. so you got a good bargain and it’s way cute. also love the tree!!!!

  2. HAH! Love the TWSS.

    Isn’t it surprising how EXPENSIVE crates are?!

    Love the one you found!

  3. Ah I’m trying to find cheap crates too! I’m determined to find an abandoned old barn full of crates… do those exist?

  4. I’ve been searching for a box like that for my scarves! Awesome find! If you would like to share your awesome projects, finds, and ideas with similarly themed blogs add your name to the link up tab on my blog!

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