Feeling Christmas-y

This last week has been all about the holidays.  It’s started to get pretty cold, which mean hot drinks, fires and the holidays.  I love fall, but I also love winter almost as much 🙂  We picked up a tree yesterday and that evening I spent putting up the lights and ornaments.

We’ve also started a few fires this week.

And of course put up some more decor; and what are the holidays without some yummy seasonal beers?

Another thing we try to do every year is get together with my family and put together some gingerbread houses.  Usually we are up in the mountains but since we don’t have a cabin anymore, home it is.  I don’t know what it was, but this year everyone had the hardest time ever trying to make the houses look at least decent.  The kit that Chris and I (mostly me) had to deal with was a “mini” gingerbread house village.   No words are necessary to describe this mess:

Yeah, no comment.  I was beyond annoyed with the whole situation (but the spiked eggnog helped!).  And for any Bakersfieldians, we dubbed this “Oildale Village.

And today, I took some Christmas photos of my cousin’s freshly born baby boy, he is SO sweet.

Isn’t he sweet?  So precious.

Well, our little family also attempted some photos today.  Sadie was good at first, and Tundra wasn’t having it.

But somehow we got one, WITH the dogs. I know right? It was chaotic. I will probably share the outtakes later…hah.


7 responses to “Feeling Christmas-y

  1. Beautiful pictures! I love how warm and festive it looks.

  2. band of brothers

    so much to comment on!
    1)i love your c + a ornament. sooo cute!
    2). the oidale village…LOL!!
    3) the baby pictures are so stinkin cute
    4) my sister had dogs and so i know first hand how hard it is to get dogs to both look at the camera…great job! your photo is so cute!
    5) has chris always had a beard? i’m confused.

  3. So many wonderful things to comment on! Your tree looks great, and I’m glad the holiday spirit has found you 🙂

    We have a gas fireplace at our condo, which is nice, but I really miss the natural fireplace at my parents’ house!

    Your cousin’s baby is so cute, and your photos are adorable!

  4. aw your christmasness is great! such cute decorations. and ohmygoodness the baby photos are adorable. love the candy cane in heart shapes, precious!

  5. Your curtains looks so cute with your Christmas tree! The perfect backdrop for your card too! That C&A ornament is so adorable! I think when you shared it last year I put it on my etsy list. I think I need to order one for me! Oh, and the pictures of your second cousin turned out so precious!

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