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Friday my I got a lovely e-mail from Verizon stating that I was eligible for a phone upgrade.  Little did they know I have been counting down this day for MONTHS.   Finally, my little Motorola Droid just hasn’t been cutting it – it’s sooooo slow, and the camera just isn’t up to par.  I know that seems silly, but I really just want 2 things in my phone – for it to not be slow as hell and to have a great camera.

After a lot of research and review-reading I ended up ordering the same phone that my husband has.  In the world of iPhone-obsessed friends, I feel a little out of place but that is OK (aslongastheygivemeinstagramsoonkthnx).  I actually would have considered an iPhone, but I was kind of shocked when I saw that they don’t have 4G.   There’s at least 10 phones (or more) in the same price range and they all have it.  ANYWHO.  New phone. Coming tomorrow. Win!

So in honor of my old phone, I wanted to just grab a few recent photos off of it.

New coffee drinks from F&E; holy yum.  Much cheaper than those bottled Frappuchinos, too!  And isn’t their packaging the best?

This was the 2nd pumpkin I carved this year.  It proceeded to get disgusting and moldy before Halloween even came 😦

On the road to the bay area this weekend.  Driving the I-5 through the middle of California is ridiculously boring and ugly, it makes me cry every time we have to make this drive!

Showing off my fantastic nail painting skills whilst on said drive up north.  It was all good until I had to paint the right hand. #fail

Saying good-bye to SF.

A little present the husband got me this weekend.  It fits perfectly above our fire place 🙂  I LOVE IT.

2 responses to “Technology Geek

  1. Is that the Z Gallery deer head? Is it the large one or the small one? The large one is SO LARGE that it kind of scares me … but I’ve been dying for one for more than a year now.

  2. ❤ your pic of our gingerbread latte, Alyssa! 🙂 Thanks for the package kudos – we'll pass that on, though I think we've already told the team a gazillion times how cute we think the holiday stuff is. Thanks, again!

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