Year One.

Sunday Chris and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary! Ok…so we didn’t really “celebrate” just yet, since we spent most of the day traveling back home from Michigan.  We did get fro-yo though!

So yay, one year!  I pretty much already know I have the most amazing husband, and am so glad I married my best friend.  We love being around each other and partaking in one another’s hobbies and interests. Le sigh.   We really did have such a fun wedding day, I always say that I want another one.  It was so much fun doing all of the DIY stuff, and having everything that was “us”. And a big party celebrating with all of your friends and family? Yes please.  Our family is pretty awesome, too 🙂

This is a video I made last year with some of our wedding tunes and photos.


5 responses to “Year One.

  1. Awwww! Happy Anniversary!!!

    Also, why NOT have another one?! 😉 Jen and I had our official wedding in a gorgeous chapel in Las Vegas (Excalibur <3) however we also want a handfasting, and we've both thought of doing an Italian wedding and a Scottish wedding, hehe!

  2. Happy anniversary 🙂 Your wedding looks like it was awesome. This post makes me very happy, because my first anniversary is coming up in December, and for some reason I’m stupidly excited about it.

  3. Happy Anniversary! You and Chris seem like such a loving, down to earth couple. You just seem to fit!

    I loved looking at the rest of your wedding photos. Thanks for sharing the slideshow! You know I’m a sucker for wedding photography 🙂

  4. aw love it! happy anniversary! hurrah.

  5. how wonderful! Happy Anniversary!

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