Soo, this weekend I made a semi-spontaneous purchase:

It’s delicious.  I’ve wanted a tablet for a while now, mainly because I am constantly printing out recipes and I waste so much ink and paper doing that, and this is SO much more convenient and helpful as well.  Also, we don’t have a laptop and am lazy and like to lay on the couch while perusing the Internet. Shhh.

Anyways, I need some sort of case and I was looking for just a simple skin..BUT THEN, I remember my long lost friend known as Etsy.  I’ve been cheating on Etsy with Pinterest for a long time now, and rarely give any attention to Etsy unless I am linked there. I’m so sorry Etsy.

Now that I’ve rekindled my love for Etsy, I thought I’d share a few tablet covers that I am currently drooling over. Most of them are a wee bit too expensive. Maybe I’ll end up making one. Maybe (probably) not.

Those are my favorites.  The first one is probably what I would buy if I had that much to throw away on a cover for an electronic device (totally not high on my priority list).

Do any of you have a tablet? Is a case necessary?


3 responses to “Sleeved

  1. they are all so so so so so cute. one for each day of the week, no?

  2. I don’t have a tablet, but I have seen a LOT of tutorials for making covers all over the internets! 🙂 Enjoy!!

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