Baby Shower: Owl

This passed weekend I helped throw an owl themed baby shower for my cousin, who I am super close to because we’re almost the exact same age, had been dating our men for the exact same time and got married just once month apart!  Unfortunately for me, she beat me to the baby making stage 😉

Everything turned out super cute! I made the mini cupcakes and mini {gluten free} chocolate donuts (which I will share an easy recipe for later because they were SO good).  I also made a bunch of various paper things with owls on them that I forgot to take photos of including name tags, gift bags, food cards, & some other misc. signage.   Just two months until the due date! ❤


8 responses to “Baby Shower: Owl

  1. um you need to be in a party planning business!

  2. Wow, a lot of baby showers for you! That’s a definitely cute owl baby shower and the cupcakes are adorable too!

  3. Oh my goodness! This is SO CUTE and SO UNIQUE! Love it. I’m telling you, you need to start a party planning business with your other creative blog friends. You guys would kick ass at that!

  4. seriously what an adorable shower, love all the sweet little touches. so fun. yay for your cousin!

  5. STOPPIT. You kill me with your party planning amazingness. I still need to talk to you to catch up about your horrible week last week (such a great friend am I) and also to pick your brain on 30th birthday party ideas for Justin. Also, I love you and miss you and want a hug. Fur rillz.

  6. Your cousin is an adorable preggo mama. And all that food is making me hungry.

  7. Those donuts are so cute!

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