Just Beachy

Last weekend we headed west to the coast for a little day trip.  We grabbed the dogs, a beach blanket, and some sweatshirts and hit the road mid-morning.  I did a bit of pre-planning and found some dog-friendly places, including a restaurant that provided our pups water and treats, and an off-leash beach. Perfecto.

Huuuuge sea lions basking in the sand.  It was funny, they were continuously flicking sand in the hair to cover themselves.  It was pretty cute.

Otters! They were just sun bathing/napping 🙂

The drive home, the hills looked pretty rad, and we spotted a huge heard of deer at one point, the photo above was a random deer that ran across the road.

Even thought it was SUPER nice to get away for a bit (it was 100 degrees at home and 65 at the beach!!!), it is TOUGH to take the dogs and do all the stuff in a short amount of time.  Next time we’ll stay the night and relax a bit more 😉


4 responses to “Just Beachy

  1. Day trips are fun but they definitely drain you! How did you clean the dogs off so you didn’t get sand all over your car??

  2. Holw wildlife Batman! What an awesome little day trip. I can see why you’d want a bit more time to relax though 🙂

  3. oh that looks like such a lovely day, also otters! so cute.

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