The Cleanse

So our cleanse went really well!  Monday through Thursday of last week we were on a strict diet of raw fruits and veggies, and some raw nuts thrown in the mix for good measure.  I think we were more strict on ourselves that we needed to be, but I am glad we did it because when juice day came around I never felt super hungry, or that I ever needed any real food.  I’m going to give you a day-by-day glimpse just to show you the process.

Monday: I had a store-bought super healthy juice for breakfast, salad for lunch and another salad for dinner.  This night we had a little bit of salmon on our salad.  Water is all I drank, all week.

Tuesday-Thursday: Fruit for breakfast, snacks of raw almonds, salads for lunch and dinner. I was already sick of salads by the 2nd day. I wasn’t using any dressing and basically my salads were an arugala/spinach mix, and I threw on tomatoes, mushrooms and avocados with a bit of lemon sprinkled on top.  Since I got sick of plain salads so fast I tended to eat random things throughout the day like raw coconut pieces (lol).  We also borrowed a juicer from our friends and sometimes I’d just have a large glass of juice. My favorite was apple spinach.

Thursday afternoon we received the juice.  Speaking of the juice, funny story. Kind of.  It arrived in a very small box.  I opened said box and counted 12 juices (6 per day, per person).  I was sort of confused because I was PRETTY DANG SURE I ordered a 3-day juice plan for each of us.  So I went back to the website and nope, I really did just spend WAY too much money on one days worth of juice.   I still don’t know how I feel about it, if the juice had been thicker/more substantial I probably would think it was worth it. But, it was thin compared to fresh juice I have purchased and made. So I don’t know…anyways.

Friday: starting of juice only day! There are six juices to drink in the day.  The first one was “Green Juice” – a bunch of lettuce and other veggies, and a hint of lemon.  This juice was my least favorite and you actually have to drink it TWO more times in a day.  I think each time I got to this juice my brain was making the experience 10 times worse that it probably was – by dinner, I hated it and basically chugged the whole thing.  The other juices were PAM (pineapple, apple, mint), Spicy Lemonade (lemonade with a tiny kick of cayanne), and cashew milk (w/vanilla bean, cinnamon, agave) – these all were REALLY good, yummy…loved them.

Saturday: Only ate fruits/veggies again. BUT that evening I had a margarita. Well earned.

Overall, I am glad we did the cleanse but I was still bummed about only doing the juice for one day and the whole “crap, that was super pricey” thing.  I was proud that we did so well with the diet and didn’t cheat at all.  Not gonna lie, I was totally craving fresh mozzarella every day.  I also lost about 6-7 pounds.  We tried to go to the gym one day and I really felt a lack of energy, probably due to not having any carbs. I also feel a whole lot better and definitely see the affect it had on my appetite, I don’t feel as hungry as I did before this whole thing and I see myself stopping before I feel full, I was never like that before.

So there’s that!  Soooo happy to eat carbs sparingly again and not have to worry about NOT being able to eat something. I am such a believer in moderation!  And you know what? I just realized I still haven’t had a beer! What’s up with that? 😉


6 responses to “The Cleanse

  1. Wow, that is truly amazing that you lost that much!! Can I come live with you for a week? lol

    • Haha! If you came to live with me for a week you’d probably be eating a lot of baked goods (which I try to give away), so I am not sure that would help 😉 But we could go to the gym for sure, hah!

  2. That’s so crazy/awesome! Is this the same one Andrea did a little while back? I remember reading about hers and thinking the lemonade one sounded amazing!

    Oh my gosh, when I did the strict veggie diet for those 6 weeks, I ate the same type of salad (with no dressing too) and I want to puke just thinking about it. I’m ruined forever on arugula, lol.

  3. That’s awesome girlie!!

  4. Awesome! It sounds like the cleanse was a great experience for you guys. You definitely deserved that margarita! Although, I personally feel like I deserve one every day, haha 😉

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