I saw a framed letter DIY a while ago and decided to give it a shot last week.  The only annoying part was trying to comb through the wooden letters at Michaels: none of the letters were in the right spot, a bunch were missing, or broken..so after 15 minutes of that I was SO done, hah! I wish I had some more letters to throw in the frame, but I think it looks pretty cute still.

All you need is small wooden letters, paint (spraypaint is the easiest), some thick paper for the background, a shadowbox fame, and of course, hot glue!  I decided to go a little bit of a different route and use yellow paint to do the “I ❤ U”.  I think it would be super cute to do other little words, sayings, or someone’s name.


One response to “Letters.

  1. Cute!! I’ll be trying this for sure when our bebe arrives. As of right now we don’t know if it’s a he or a she and so the name is still up in the air, obviously. But they’ll be getting one of these!

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