Between going to the farmer’s market, fruit picking, and being given some giant zucchinis and squash, I’ve been trying all sorts of new recipes lately.  Usually when Chris and I cook we find a new recipe, or just make something up with what we have…so new recipes aren’t new to me. I love trying new things, even if I do have a favorite way of making something.

So, my boss and his wife have been growing a garden and since they live in a cooler climate in the mountains, they have been getting some seriously giant produce. She’s been bringing down these giant zucchini and squash…they are huuuuge.  And I gladly take them.

Since I also had some freshly picked blueberries, I decided to go with a recipe for blueberry zucchini bread that I’d seen recently. But, I ended up making them into muffins and one tiny loaf.

I was hesitant at first, but these are SO GOOD. Here’s the recipe: Blueberry Zucchini Bread.  I sub’d butter for the oil. I liked that it already used half wheat/half regular flour, because I like to do that anyways 🙂

I saw another yummy looking zucchini recipe a few days ago and was able to make it tonight; it is SO yummy and healthy!  Zucchini with Mint Yogurt Dressing.  It reminded me of this dish was have every year at Christmas for our annual Polish feast, which is actually thinly sliced cucumber and radish, but it has the same type of taste. Fresh. Yum.

That was one yummy dinner! Time for me to go finish up a little crafty project 🙂

One response to “Fooding

  1. Thank you so much for including me… and come to think of it (being polish) it is similar to what we call mizeria (cucumber with lemon/yogurt sauce). I have no idea why I did not put two and two together hello both are green and look a lot alike 🙂

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