This lovely photo has been sitting in my photo folder for about a month.

I was excited to get all these lovely, fresh veggies and such from the farmer’s market.  I LOVE eggplant. Love it.  I remember the first time I cut into a fresh one, the smell is something you wouldn’t think you’d get from this pretty purple yummy.  Anyways, I found a relatively simple eggplant parmesan recipe online using the above items.  All I was looking for was something with baked eggplant, rather than fried, and a simple list of ingredients and steps.  The recipe tasted just fine, but the end product wasn’t exactly as I’d imagined, so I’m not going to blog it.  But I just wanted to share the lovely photo above and a few more… because, well, I did a heck of a job trying to take photos from way above the island counter, in bad lighting 😉


Anyone have a good eggplant parmesan recipe they’d like to share? I had made one a few years ago that was great, but of course I didn’t save it!


3 responses to “Eggplant

  1. I need that food in my life. Right now.

  2. I’ve never attempted eggplant parmesean but I think it would be amazing. Your dish looks delicious! Anything with red sauce and cheese looks good to me.

    Great food photos 🙂

  3. There’s an awesome baked version on the Cooking Light website…one of my faves!

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