Hello, mate.

Sorry I’ve been MIA again all week!  I’ve been ridiculously busy this whole summer I guess.  Last weekend some dear friends of mine drove down here and we headed up the canyon to our favorite local brewery.  It was all sunshine and rainbows until we had to sit outside on the porch of the brewery and it was in the mid-90s.  Us girls were not feeling so hot, and a bit later I actually did get sick. In front of all. In a park. It was lovely.  Then I thought I felt better and had the most delicious shaved ice of all times (which was thrown up 5 hours later), and I even felt okay enough to drive back home at that point (an hour away).  Friends left and I started to feel really bad and had a horrible fever the rest of the night and getting sick again.  The next day (Sunday) my body was so tired and I just slept on and off all day. Not a great way to spent your weekend, that’s for sure.

This week I’ve been working on a cake/cupcake order for a Hello Kitty (!) themed baby shower.  I am hoping everything turns out as cute as I’m envisioning, especially because my other free time this week has been spent planning another Lumberjack themed party for some friends that is tonight.  Good times.

So yeah, that’s about all that has been going on.  And I still need to fix my messed up blog. Oye 😉

2 responses to “Hello, mate.

  1. Gorgeous photo!

  2. I made a Hello Kitty cake for my friends daughter’s bday party a few months ago. Did you ever see it on my FB? I’ll have to show you a pic. I was pretty proud of myself, cause I am not good at that stuff. BUT, I did have the amazing help of Mandi & Stacia.
    Hope you’re feelin better.

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