After a nice weekend up in the mountains (so, SO nice), we came back yesterday to the extreme heat.  During summer since it’s so hot, I try to get a lot of stuff done inside the house, even though the heat, in general, makes me feel super lazy.  I decided to ignore the tired/lazy part of my brain and get one little task done that I’ve been meaning to do for a while, which was this:

There used to be a shelf here with some random deer things and decorations, but I didn’t really like it there because it’s kind of tight coming out of the hallwayand I have managed to run into it/bump my head more than a few times – so I’m going to move it in the kitchen.   I love the look of random frames with random photos all clustered together, and I added a few little things I embroidered a few months back that have been sitting in my craft room.  So far, I really like this wall and will probably add a few more little photos 🙂

9 responses to “Cluster

  1. I love your cluster!! And, um, you embroider?! SOOOO cute…those tiny little animals just so perfectly placed! 🙂

  2. Ooo, that is beautiful! Love how you decorated the wall. And I know how you feel about the heat, Utah’s weather has been so hot. And it’s only June. Oi. But I’m trying to work through the heat and lazy feeling too!

  3. That turned out SO cute! But stop with all this craftiness… you’re making me feel lazy. lol

  4. I love this! The photos are beautiful, and the arrangement is perfect. Nice work!

  5. Oooo!!! I love that so much!! I liked that little shelf that was there too but this is so much cuter! You did such a good job arranging them together! I feel like I need to come see all your cuteness you’ve been doing around the house 😀

  6. i have a cluster in my front hallway and i love how it is able to change and grow as we need it to. no rules, just things that make us happy. very nice.


  7. I love photo collages! That picture of Maddy up there is so cute, we’ll have to come over and check it out. 🙂

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