Photo 22 & Random Things

Day 22: A photo of someone you love

Well that’s just a little obvious. Chris hates me taking pictures of him.

I’ve been posting just a lot of these photos so I thought I’d talk about some other things for once in my life 🙂

  • It turned insanely hot here all of the sudden. Two weeks ago it was nice and cool, even rainy. Today it was 108 degrees when I was driving home from work at 5pm.  I think it gets worse every year, I can’t wait to move to a cooler place someday.
  • Work has been insanely busy. I’m SO looking forward to a few weekend trips coming up, some parties, my birthday, maybe a camping trip or two, and a trip to Michigan in the next couple months.
  • I need to drink my water during the day! We are eating MUCH healthier and working out, but I really don’t drink enough water. I think I get bored with the taste unless I am dying of thirst. Any tips?  Maybe those tea packets or something?
  • Aaron Brothers is having a buy-one-frame-get-one for a penny sale…which is fantastic for me. I printed out a ton of photos a few months ago and kind of forgot how expensive framing them would be so they have just been sitting in a pile for months.  So far I’ve purchased 8 frames this week!  They have a good variety of rustic-y looking frames which is right up my alley.  I’m going to put together a few picture wall collages but it’ll probably take a few weeks for me to get it all together.  Here’s one of my new favorite prints for our house that I was finally able to frame!

    I think this is our new motto 🙂 Print from atwopipeproblem 


5 responses to “Photo 22 & Random Things

  1. Ughh I hate drinking water too! Try adding a few chunks of fresh pineapple to your water bottle, or lemons a sliver of ginger and some mint. I like to experiment with different flavors but so far those have been the best. Good luck!

  2. That sign is hilarious. It would be perfect in our basement!

    I’m so excited that you guys are coming to Michigan! Hopefully you’ll get a nice break from the ridiculous heat and get to enjoy our “extreme” summer 🙂

  3. I love that frame AND that print, haha!! They go so perfectly together and are SO you guys! 😀

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