Photo Challenge Day 2

Today’s photo challenge was to take a picture of what you wore today.

I love that you can see the dog hair on the floor/kind of on my shoes. It’s ironic because I probably always have dog hair on me, so even though the photo was about the shoes I’m wearing, I’m also wearing dog hair šŸ˜‰ Ā  I would also like to say how difficult it was to take a photo at that angle with the timer and prop the camera on something…I finally got an OK shot after quite a few attempts.

Oh and since I’m speaking of shoes, I bought these bad gals yesterday (thanks for the heads up, Lorie!!).

I saw a photo of them a while back online, but never found anywhere to buy them so I figured they were an old style, nope! Brand new. Yay.


6 responses to “Photo Challenge Day 2

  1. band of brothers

    such a cute photo, dog hair and all:)

  2. Those are pretty cute shoes!

  3. OMG I WANT TOMS SOOOOOO BAD!!!! And i just saw the crocheted ones the other day online and now I want a pair of those too!!!!!

  4. I want a pair of TOMS so badly but I’m so scared to order them b/c of my abnormally large foot! lol! I want the glitter ones for my bday. I sent the link to TJ and he was basically like wtf, why do these cost so much? You’re crazy. lol Sooooo, yeah.
    Men, they just don’t understand šŸ˜›

  5. Cute! Hey.. you need to add html for your Etsy button so I can put that on my blog.

  6. your patience with the camera really paid off! the shot -and those shoes- are adorable.

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