Day 1 & Some weekend fun

I’m doing a fun little photo challenge for the next 30 days with some friends. Some of them are pretty simple, but some make you think a bit and are just fun ideas to test your skillz. Today’s challenge (the first day) was to take a photo of yourself.

Soooo, when you work all day, get home and quickly change and head to the gym, then come back home and make dinner, it’s late, and you’re stinky and tired. But, you document your lovely face and greasy hair anyways. Hot.

Moving right along!

One day over this last holiday weekend we made a spur-of-the-moment trip to the coast to meet up with some good friends.  The drive as you got closer to the coast (and through some wine country) was SO pretty, everything was so green and lush.

That’s a lake, but if you look closely you can see the ocean in the background – gorgeous.

My husband is crazzzyyyy!

We spent a few hours in Cayucos just walking around and grabbing a bite to eat. Then we ventured over to San Luis Obispo to do a little of the same. We ended the evening at Creekside Brewing Company, and the beers were really good (yep, tried them all…duh!). Sometime I wish beer wasn’t so filling 🙂 On the way home as we were driving and it was getting dark I was looking around (there’s lots and lots of cows and horses in fields along the drive) and I spotted a large family of deer, maybe elk, trotting along close to the road. So cute! I kind of wish we would have stopped to take some photos.


6 responses to “Day 1 & Some weekend fun

  1. love your day one photo!!

  2. Haha our self portraits have some very similar aspects: post-gym, post-dinner-making prettiness. haha

    And let’s post the OTHER picture of Cale and I eh? Yeah because this one I look like a short, pale, Snooki haha

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  4. I love this photo challenge idea! Can I still participate?

  5. I’m joining in the fun! Thanks for spreading the word. Can’t wait to see the rest of your photos!

  6. I REALLY wanted to join in on this photo challenge but let’s be honest, we both know I would do about 5 days worth and then I’d feel like a lazy loser lol!
    I’m excited to see everyone else’s photos tho!

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