End of week love

Man, I’ve had a really tough week. Can’t go into details…I don’t even knowwwww.  One thing I can talk about that happed this week is our turtle died 😦 He was a really small guy and he was actually our first pet Chris and I got about a month or two after we moved into our old apartment together. RIP Fred, he was a cutie. I love my animals mucho. Even if they aren’t the cuddly kind!

Anyways, some happy things!!!!…

We love the show Parenthood, but I hadn’t really watched all of the episodes in Season 1, so I bought it last week and actually finished it last night!  Lots of little details about the show make sense now. I love all the characters. (Okay maybe not Jasmine. Ugh.)

I’m not usually a cookbook person, or a book person for the matter; however, I was browsing some books on Amazon to learn more about baking, and I came across Baked it looked pretty awesome.  I got it last week, and read through the entire thing, and I LOVE it.  It is packed with tips and really amazing looking recipes, and they are from a bakery so that makes it even more awesome 🙂  Oh and it also stole my heart because there are woodland/deer motifs throughout, drooooool.

 The Head and the Heart. Still obsessed with them. So good.

 I know, I’m lame. I love Scentsy. This is my new favorite scent, Oats & Honey. It smells SO good.  I even bought the spray, and have been spraying it around my house. If you have  Scentsy warmer I definitely suggest you get it!

I need this cupcake stand so bad. Too bad it’s $148 (REALLY? So dumb). I’m on a mission to find a cheap knock-off.

 Chris and I signed up at a gym again (FINALLY) and started working out on a regular basis, and with that means eating healthier.  We are doing really good so far. I stepped on a scale the other day and just about died, I have a ways to go but that’s ok. I’ve never been obsessive about weight, I just want to FEEL good.  I’m tracking what I eat and how much I workout every day on Livestrong.com. I used to use it religiously a few years ago and it really made me want to not be so lazy.  I’m also pretty excited because Chris is actually more into being healthy than ever, it was kind of weird going to the store and having him be concerned about what was in we were buying 🙂

9 responses to “End of week love

  1. Oh! 😦 I am so sorry about your turtle!!! I am a HUGE animal lover, so I totally get ya. Cuddly or not, they’re family!!! I’m sure he’s in a much better place. .>

    And that cupcake stand would be perfect in my future whimsical nature inspired kitchen! But that price… Yowza!

  2. band of brothers

    now i am all concerned about you. hope everything is ok. so sorry about the tiny turtle. sounds adorable! yay for the gym! i started not too long ago!

  3. Ohhh I just discovered The Head & The Heart today! I love them! x

  4. Sorry you had a rough week & sorry about the little turtle. 😦

    Buuut…I love that you love Parenthood – it’s one of my favorite shows!

  5. AWE, I’m sorry about your turtle “/
    I look forward to seeing your cupcake creations on here!!!

  6. So sorry to hear about your turtle! they are definitely cute little buggers.

    Also, whatever else is going on, *hugs*

    I’ll definitely have to check out that Scentsy scent 🙂

  7. You could also mention your Scentsy consultant 😉 Ahem, ME 🙂 P.S. Isn’t Oats & Honey SO yummy?! I’ll have to keep it in stock for ya! 😉

  8. DANG IT! I feel like I’ve been such a disconnected bad friend! 😦 I hate that you’ve been down and that not happy things are going on in your life, I’m sorry Alyssa!
    I can’t believe Fred died, so sad. He was adorable!! Did I ever tell you that after Isaiah was born my mom made up a nickname for him and ALWAYS called him “Fred?” It was the weirdest thing ever lol! I would get so embarrassed b/c we’d be out in public and she’s be talking to him and calling him that and I would feel the need to shout out “THAT’S NOT HIS NAME, I SWEAR I DIDN’T NAME HIM FRED!” HA. My mom’s crazy.

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