It’s not all cupcakes and unicorns

A few weeks ago I wrote a little post about wanting to be more positive about life in genera.  I feel like sometimes with blogging, it’s too easy to sugar coat your feelings or only talk about happy things. Probably making people think like your life is perfect. I know I feel this way about other blogs I read.  And really, nobody wants to hear a Negative Nancy complaining all the time; but at the same time, it’s nice to know that other people’s lives just aren’t perfect, and people struggle with things every day.

I wish I felt more like telling you in depth about all the things in life I’m not happy about, how I wish I would just stop being lazy in general about things, how I wish we would make more time to make our house cleaner, to work on projects, how I wish I could be having extra money to pay off that credit card that I racked up from wedding things, how I really need a vacation, and how I wish I could just bake all the time (wouldn’t that be amazing?). But then I feel like, that’s all just minor things that just aren’t a big deal. We have jobs, a house, money to pay the bills (and money to throw around just a little bit). But the real part of me wants so many other things. Right. Now. I want a family. I want to move. I want to bake cupcakes and sell them. I want Chris to be done with school and have a better job. I want to not go to work every day wishing I was doing something else. I want to feel like someone cares.

I feel like I should make a list of all these things I want/need to get done, goals I want to have, because one would think that that would help me push forward – but most of me feels like I would be setting myself up for failure. Like I’m making a list of things that will not happen anytime soon so why bother.

In the meantime I will bake cupcakes and post photos of my cute family and pups, and work on not being so down in the dumps.

15 responses to “It’s not all cupcakes and unicorns

  1. AMEN! I totally agree with you. We’re not all perfect and there’s so many things that we all want but can’t have or it’s just not time yet. I’m in the same boat about wanting to start a family now but I know it’s not going to happen until I lose weight first AND pay off our stupid credit cards. Sigh, those plastics!

    But I love the last sentence…keep on baking and things will work out the way you want them to eventually! ❤

  2. 1) I love you so!
    2) I’m so glad you wrote this. If none of those other things gets accomplished today, at least you got it all off your chest. And it already seems like it was a little jumpstart…YAY for a new gym rat buddy! lol

  3. But what if it *were* all cupcakes? Mmm.

    I hear you (like, say, people who tweet 99% of the time about their quirky, hipster ways. There’s selectively sharing yourself online and then there’s creating a whole new persona for the internet.) and I think you should make those lists.

    Why? I think you have what it takes to make the life you want. I really, really do. And if the worst thing that happens is that there are still things on your ‘to do/big dreams’ list? So what? 🙂 There’s always tomorrow. I know the feeling – saying you want something, but at the same time fearing that publicly saying that makes you look foolish or sets you up for failure.

    You gotta fake it till you make it. That’s totally my motto. Not even kidding.

  4. band of brothers

    i’m so sorry you are feeling down in the dumps:(

    i don’t mind if you feel like being negative nancy! i will still listen! i totally get what you are saying though. so many times i would like to write about the yucky stuff going on, but feel like i am exploiting my poor children– it’s not always my story to share for the whole wide world, much as i would like to share it. sometimes i just have to store these things up in my heart and ponder them alone. i just look to the Lord to guide my steps in my everyday life and the confusing internet world as well.

  5. I know exactly how you feel! Sometimes I wish I could just pour out the not-so-nice things on my blog, but then I usually just meet my mom for coffee instead. 😉 Make your list! I will send extra warm thoughts your way today. 🙂

  6. I feel you lady. It’s hard sometimes to remind ourselves to stay positive!

    I think you should move to Michigan and start a family and bake cupcakes all day. And try not to get depressed about the weather, lol.

  7. hugs! I definitely have gone through my lows this year to. I mean what in the world is up with 2011?

    I hope things get better! It’s all about baby steps. I think we all need to set up a beer & skype date since it’s been so long since we’ve gotten together?? yes yes?

  8. thank you for such a well written and honest post. you summed up some thoughts and feelings i’ve been having lately that i just couldn’t find the right way to share and express. well done.


  9. Hey,

    Just wanted to let you know how much I love reading your posts and that it’s understandable to feel down sometimes. Making changes is always difficult but you will get there! xx

  10. 2011 is full of downers. You know I’ve been hit by some negativity. I havent really posted about that stuff either for he same reason. I also feel like blogging is the one place you can escape the not so great parts of life.

    Good luck with all of those wants…. Except for moving. You’re not allowed because you live closer than any of my friends and I like that!

  11. once again, it’s been way tooooooooooooo long since I’ve commented on your dear little blog. boo.
    I love this post, even though I’m sad you’ve been feeling down, because I love when And as you can see, you’re never alone. 🙂 we all feel down and have our struggles sometimes, whatever they may be.
    you’re such a dear, and I hope and pray you get to have those babies and bake those cupcakes someday really soon. heart you!!

    ps. we must get together again soon. i miss you!

  12. ok, so apparently, a whole middle section of my comment got cut out? It should say “because I love when people are honest. Life isn’t always happy happy and sunshine, and I think it’s okay to give people a little glimpse of what might be going on behind the scenes.” or somethin’. 🙂

  13. My lovely sister,
    Although I do not read your blog very often I want you to know that it has inspired me to look passed the things that we cannot change (not quoting the bible, I swear). I know things are hard for us right now but you always make me feel better, thanks for hanging out with me the last few weeks. I have missed it a lot!

    P.S. Stop bringing cupcakes over!!! LMAO 🙂

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