I’ve been staying up late the past two nights after work baking for a sale that I took part in today. My first one! It went really well and really, it’s just super nice to do something you really enjoy and get instant gratification out of it; and I heard that everyone loved my cucpakes. Yay 🙂  Here was my little table I set up (nothing fancy).


6 responses to “Sleeeeeepy

  1. That’s awesome!!! You should mail me some of those cupcakes. 😉

  2. what do you mean nothing fancy? that table looks amazing! i am so loving the frame. glad your hard work paid off in a good feeling.


  3. Your set up for the bake sale was so cuuuute! I’m sure it was a huge success. I’ve never tasted your cupcakes, but I’ve heard that they’re pretty fantastic.

  4. This looks so cute! And I know how freakin delicious your cupcakes are so I’m a little (a lot) jealous that I don’t live closer so I could come see you and buy one! 😀

  5. They were definitely yummy!! And it was so fun having you at my work for a day! 😉

  6. so fun!! it looked great! and I’m sure your cupcakes were DElicious as always. I’m still sad I couldn’t come with you. But I’m so happy it went well for you!

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