These days it’s been really hard for me to stay positive about things in general. Today I’m trying to focus on the happier things over all the bad.  So, some things that I have to be positive about:

  • It’s Friday!!  The weekends have been  flying by because they’ve been so busy, but at least we have great things going on.
  • Chris & I have become avid beer lovers, and are lucky to have friends to partake in this newfound love with. Tomorrow we are headed up the Kern River to the Kern River Brewery, which we have never been to. And it’s only an hour away. In the mountains 🙂
  • Cupcakes! I’m selling my cupcakes at a local hospital for a fundraiser next week, and I’m sort of nervous but it will be really good for me and maybe I can make some money off of it and get some more business!  I’m also baking for my niece’s 2nd birthday next weekend.
  • Yardwork. Really.  Our front and back yard are a disaster, and we really don’t have enough time to get things looking good in a fast manner..but, we have been working in our front yard (slowly) planting new thing (flowers, fruit, veggies and herbs) and I love it.  What I don’t love? All the bugs.  I’m a total wimp, I’m so scared of spiders that I won’t even smash them myself.
  • New bands. Back when I had more free time, I used to spend it discovering new bands.  These days, I’m kind of out of the music loop.  After almost falling asleep watching Conan last week, I heard some band playing as I was drifting off to neverland, but their sounds totally woke me up, and I liked it. You should check out The Head and the Heart. They are awesome, and I’ve been listening to them the past few days, all day, at work. And at home. Hooked. (Sidenote: do bands really have website these days, or just Myspace, Facebook and Twitter? Funny.)

3 responses to “Positive

  1. The bake sale is so exciting! I’m sure your cupcakes are going to fly off the shelves! You should open your own shoppe some day 🙂

  2. sorry that i am so late to the party! i hope your bakesale goes/went super well. a really great post with focus on the positive.

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