No wonder it’s on sale…

Whilst browsing the Modcloth sale section…I saw some amazingly horrid items.  What surprises me most is that some of them have really good ratings. Am I missing something. I mean, these clothes are pretty horrid looking to me. Yikes.

I don’t think either of these ugly things would look good on ANYONE.

The design on the first one just seems like super odd placement, I am not a fan. The second one? It’s just so bad. So, so bad.

Word cannot express how much I hate these shoes.  Why would anyone ever make such ugly footwear? Baffled.

Maybe I’m just not a fan of the ugly cropped sweaters? When I think of a sweater, I think cold weather. Like, NOT trying to show off your tummy.

6 responses to “No wonder it’s on sale…

  1. Oh no, I think you’re right with this….who the hell would buy these things? O_o

  2. Wow, those are just wrong! Who would buy that stuff?

  3. Um, whoa. These items belong on for sure. That third top/dress just screams “here’s my hoo-ha!”. Why would anyone want to wear any of these things??

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