DIY Easter Eggs

I’m ignoring the fact that today is “Wedding Wednesday” because I’ve been meaning to post a bunch of super cute ideas for decorating easter eggs.  I love fun ways of decorating eggs!  A year or two ago we used old silk ties to dye eggs, & they turned out pretty neat because the tie pattern transfers right on the eggs.

Here’s some other fun ideas:

1. Doily Stenciled Eggs
2. Gilded Eggs
3. Herb Stenciled Eggs (one I am going to try for sure!)

4. Chalkboard Eggs (trying these too, I ❤ chalkboard paint!)

5. Embroidered Eggs – so pretty! This would be SO hard to do, whoever makes them is amazing.
6.  Fabric-covered Eggs
7. Glitter Confetti Eggs – these are magical!

Do you plan on doing some egg decorating? I think it’s kind of funny that decorating eggs still excites me – I mean, I’m kind of in my mid-twenties and have no children. Oh well 😉

2 responses to “DIY Easter Eggs

  1. band of brothers

    those are gorgeous. the embroidered eggs are craaaazy. I would TOTALLY do the chalkboard eggs. that is the cutest idea ever. i may have to steal that idea for sure!

  2. I love decorating eggs! I just got back from a visit with my sister & nephews and had so much fun. I drew pictures with the old school white crayon before dyeing the eggs with pretty good results!

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