This weekend we went on a short little trip way up in the mountains (7200 ft elevation to be exact) to visit my grandparents, my grandpa is turning 70 this week.  Its so nice to be able to get away to a completly different scenery in just a few hours.  While it was sunny and hot here at home, we were enjoying the fresh air, mountains still covered with 6+ feet of snow, but warm enough to sit out on the deck in a t-shirt and no shoes. The dogs had a blast running around in the snow (we miss our cabin!)

My family is a hilarious bunch, while most of us were trying our hand at playing Scattegories, grandpa thought it was hilarious to talk loudy and carry on conversations and ruin all chances of concentrating on the game.  We had a snowball fight complete with fort-building (and me getting blasted in the face).

I wish times like those could last longer.  As we drove back down the mountain towards home, I wished we didn’t have to go back. To the heat. The faster-paced life.  Constant technology overload (no cell service up in the mountains!). Another Monday.

But I suppose life will go on and we can always go back whenever we need that short breath of fresh air.


One response to “Pondering

  1. That sounds like an amazing little escape. I’ve always loved being in and/or around mountains. They’re just so majestic and calming and beautiful. Throw in family and fun and I’d never want to leave either!

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