Wedding Wednesday: DIY Favors

Probably not a surprise to anyone that I love anything Wedding + DIY.  A while back I posted a tutorial on making your own coffee bag wedding favors (we made them for favors at our wedding). I loved them so much.  I wish I could have done 80 different favors, there are so many great ideas out there that give your wedding a personal touch.

Here are some great ideas that are easy and super cute:

Succuelnt Favors.  How adorable are these?  There are tons of different types of succulents out there, so there’s a million different ways to make this unique to your wedding.

Smore’s Packages.  These are pretty much perfect for an outdoorsy wedding.

Birdseed heart favors.  This is one idea I almost did for our wedding! I love it so much. Super easy and cheap to make a ton of them.

Custom Sodas. OK, I know these aren’t totally “DIY” – but I have loved Jones Soda for a long time and I adore them for a wedding.  You can order custom labels and chose any of their colors to make your wedding. Perfect.

Custom CDs.  I love that you can create a cd with your favorite songs, or music you picked for you wedding for your guests to take home.  We created our entire wedding playlist, and it would have bee awesome to give our guests favors of all the songs we spent hours and hours picking out. Plus, making rad cd packaging would be so much fun!

4 responses to “Wedding Wednesday: DIY Favors

  1. Ah! I love the Succuelnt Favors and the outdoorsy wedding S’mores Packages. So awesome! Jen and I had our wedding when I was 18 and now we’re busy planning our hand fasting! ^_^ So excited!

  2. Oh so great work.. Great idea for Birdseed heart favors , Smore’s Packages too… Will have all of them soon… 🙂

  3. the smores & birdseed hearts are great. both very cute ideas!

  4. band of brothers

    so, are you a wedding planner now?

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