Daily Photos: March

Oh man I did so horrible at my daily photos last month. March went by really fast and seemed incredibly busy with family & friend functions, work and going out of town quite a bit. Also, some of my photos from my phone were horrible, but if I happened to take one that day I just uploaded it anyway 🙂

You can click through all my daily photos & their descriptions here.

So from what I can remember of this last month through these photos: I got an awesome canvas print of one of our engagement photos, some new curtains were hung, I got new socks, baked a bunch of different kinds of cupcakes, ventured to Fresno to have friend time, had to drive out of town for work, went up to Sonoma for my cousins wedding, had a hard time putting together an outfit for said wedding, went to a brewery, made a yummy St. Patty’s Day meal and went on some hikes.  Apparently it was a good month 🙂

Today I am SO tired, I baked 100 cupcakes for a friend’s art show today and I made 4 different kinds all from scratch so that made it a bit more difficult. My feet are so tired from standing all day! Almost time to veg out in front of the tv for a bit before falling asleep. Hope you all have a good week!


4 responses to “Daily Photos: March

  1. March was definitely a great month for you! Hopefully April will be even better.

  2. What a great month & a great month of pictures! The cupcakes made me hungry and the margaritas made me thirsty! 😉

  3. Your cupcakes look so yummy…you should mail me some! 🙂

  4. Great pictures! So much variety.

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